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1907 in Clemson History

Events that occurred in 1907:

  • January 21: The Tiger is founded. Front page headline of Volume 1, Number 1 describes "The [Georgia] Tech - Clemson Game" played on Thanksgiving, with the Tigers winning, 10-6.
  • Martin's Drug Store opens in Clemson on the Six Mile Highway and will stay in business until 1975.
  • Fall: Frank Shaughnessy takes over as head football coach.
  • October 31: The Tigers defeat North Carolina, 15-6, in a game played in Columbia, South Carolina.
  • November 4: Clemson loses to Alabama Polytechnic Institute (renamed Auburn in 1960), 12-0, in a game played in Auburn, Alabama.
  • November 7: Clemson loses to Georgia, 8-0, in a game played at Augusta, Georgia.
  • November 28: Clemson defeats Georgia Tech in Atlanta, 6-5, to conclude 4-4 season.

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