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As part of the commemoration of the 1981 Clemson football national championship, Coca-Cola released a limited edition 10 oz glass Coke bottle. The front of the bottle has the Coke logo at the top along with "Clemson 1981 National Champions" and an orange Tiger Paw inside a white rectangle at the bottom. The back of the bottle has another Tiger Paw and "Clemson Tigers" at the top and the entire 1981 football schedule with results in a white rectangle at the bottom. The bottle was designed by loyal Clemson man, John Hugh Mahon, at now defunct Laurens Glass Works in Laurens, South Carolina. Some of these bottles were unofficially filled with orange soda but are much harder to find than the standard bottle.

Standard bottle:

1981 Coke bottle.jpg

Unofficially orange filled bottle:

1981 Coke bottle (orange filled).jpg