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'''356''', which opened in mid-September [[2005]], is the newest of [[downtown]] [[Clemson, South Carolina|Clemson]]'s bars.
'''356''', which opened in mid-September [[2005]], is one of [[downtown]] [[Clemson, South Carolina|Clemson]]'s bars.
==General Information==
==General Information==

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356, which opened in mid-September 2005, is one of downtown Clemson's bars.

General Information

356 is located where the Fashion Shack once was, beside Tiger Town Tavern. With leather sofas, abstract paintings on the walls, and an asymmetrically shaped bar, the decor is eclectic and arty-looking. There is a cut-off capacity of 100-125 people to ensure that it never gets too packed. It is open for dinner and serves appetizers, entrees, and some pretty good sushi, see dynamite sauce entry for Uptown Sushi. Owned by the same guy who also runs Sole and Uptown Sushi.

From 1907 to 1975 this was the location of Martin's Drug.


366 College Ave.
Clemson, SC 29631-1332