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  • 1890: Dr. H.A. Strode arrives at Clemson from the University of Mississippi.
  • 1946: The revival of TAPS for the first edition since wartime conditions caused its lapse in 1943, is threatened when only 450 cadets sign up for portraits, 35 percent of the enrollment.
  • 1971: "Rat Season" gasps its last when an attempt by Central Spirit Committee and a small cadre of "sadistic upper classmen" (The Tiger, September 3, 1971) fails to revive the hazing practices. In 1970, Rat Pacts were handed out by a small platoon of dedicated traditionalists (freshman variety), and the final Rat Olympics was staged. It will become the Tiger Paw Olympics in 1971. Clemson University ROTC becomes elective and open to women.
  • 2005: Tiger Band adopts new jumpsuit with reversible tunic uniform. For the first time, the uniform is dyed in proper Northwestern purple, the official shade of the Clemson colors.
  • 2006: Work is completed late in the month on the new WSBF transmission tower, replacing one that failed after a lightning strike in December 2005.

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