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Chili's Too is a smaller version of a Chili's restaurant. It has a slightly modified and less extensive menu than a regular Chili's. Clemson University's franchise is located in the University Union, adjacent to Harcombe Dining Hall. It operates during normal lunch and dinner hours, and is one of two on campus locations serving alcohol. Instead of a normal sit-down restaurant setting, orders are placed at the register, and the food is brought to each table.

The venue attracts a strange variety of people. There are professors and community members who come in occasionally that kind of lend some credibility to the place, but often times there will be gaggles of freshmen there being loud and obnoxious. In fact, it's sometimes known as the freshmen date spot, as it is a location easily reachable for those without vehicles. It is an attractive place for residents of Holmes and McCabe, as well as the Shoeboxes, and probably Stadium Suites, too. The restaurant also serves margaritas and beer, and accepts TigerStripe.

The phone number for call ahead orders is (864) 656-0753.