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This page describes the best practices recommended for leading a ClemsonWiki Project.

Main Project Page

Tips for writing your main project page:

Scope and goals

Be as specific as possible: it will help potential contributors decide to join. But leave the door open for new ideas and discussions.

How to help

Clearly explain what kind of contributions are expected from visitors. Encourage contributions from everyone, even those that are new to the subject (they can do reviews and check readability).


Clearly explain what collaboration tools are used by the WikiProject. Depending on the scope and goals, you may want to use one of the following:

  • article of the week for the project
  • templates: standard text that can be inserted in any article easily; for example: infobox
  • ClemsonWiki:to-do list: to keep track of what needs to be done on which article

How to attract contributors (Advertise!)

The best way to attract contributors is to advertise your project in the talk page of relevant articles. You can do that by inserting your project notice template, or by mentioning your Project in the to-do list of the article.