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# An [http://www.clemsonwiki.com/images/e/e3/ShiftyEyes.gif image macro] used whenever a user has said something that could potentially get them into trouble, as if they were looking around to see if anybody noticed what they have said.
# An [http://www.clemsonwiki.com/images/e/e3/ShiftyEyes.gif image macro] used whenever a user has said something that could potentially get them into trouble, as if they were looking around to see if anybody noticed what they have said.
# More often than not, the image is not actually inlined. Instead, users just type "shifteyes.gif" in their post because they are too lazy to look up a link to the image.
# More often than not, the image is not actually inlined. Instead, users just type "shiftyeyes.gif" in their post because they are too lazy to look up a link to the image.
==="Someone ban this asshole."===
==="Someone ban this asshole."===

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As with any community, ClemsonTALK.com has developed its own lexicon over the years. The Clemsontalk.com Dictionary is a listing of words to help you better understand what people are talking about.

Note: Not all of this slang is exclusive to the Clemsontalk.com community.

O Rly?




  • When a user is fully aware of their post whoring, they might append "+1" to the end of a post to show that the content is absolutely worthless, except for increasing their post count by one.



  1. A heart. The heart is added to the end of a post when the user has said something ridiculously sexist, racist, or just generally offensive, to remind everybody else that they were only kidding.
  2. Translates to "I'm just kidding," or "Sorry, but that insult was just too easy and I had to say it"



  • Means "banned." Is automatically placed as the personalized info beneath the user name of every banned CTer, effectively labeling them as banned in every post they've ever done.



  • Abbreviation for "ban" or "banned." Derived from Banned > Band > B& > B7



  • One of the only punishments available on CT. Comes in several different forms.


  • A user is not allowed to post on CT until their sentence has expired, which in most cases is 7 to 14 days. Most minor infractions (such as derailing RP&P threads or inlining hardcore pornography) result in a tempban.


  • A user is never allowed to post on CT again as a result of repeated and consistent misbehavior. Most dupe accounts are also permabanned.

IP Ban

  • Not only is a user not allowed to post on CT, but they are not even allowed to view the forum. This punishment is usually reserved for users who go out of their way to create numerous dupe accounts and continue trolling even after they have been permabanned.

Rep Ban

  • When a user's rep level falls below -600 points, they are instantly permabanned. It takes a concentrated effort from a significant number of CT regulars to get someone rep banned, and so far it has only happened to two people (Caulfield and theMan). Rep ban is an item of significant debate amongst the CT community; some users feel it is appropriate, while some feel it is too strict.

Black Jesus


  1. Something that has been posted a long time ago, as in "This picture of the squirrel with big testicles is older than Black Jesus."
  2. Can also be "Black Baby Jesus," abbreviated "BBJ," which means a post is even older than a "Black Jesus" post.
  3. When the first two options fail to accurately represent just how ancient something is, your final option is to use "Black Baby Jesus's Grandfather."

c-c-c-combo breaker


  1. When one user tries to prevent another user from triple or quadruple posting by quickly posting in a thread before the spammer can complete their next post.
  2. When a thread is in the middle of a running gag, such as a long series of movie quotes being posted by several users, and then someone ruins the streak by posting something completely irrelevant.



  1. Second user name of An_Observer, a previously productive member of the community who turned to antagonizing and trolling posts in his later days. This behavior caused many members of CT to give him negative rep, causing him to become rep-banned. He reached a record low in excess of -600 points, making him the first user to ever acquire a light red rep square, and the first user to ever be automatically permabanned for low rep. He was given a second chance by the admin, but was quickly IP banned several weeks later. Since then, he has conducted his own private war against CT, creating numerous dupe accounts and offensive threads. His antics have resulted in numerous IP bans for various areas of campus as well as the creation of the Idioterium, an admin-locked subforum where all his threads are instantly moved to.
  2. Editor and staff writer for The Tiger Town Observer



  • A user speaking in broken English who started many threads about the evils of white Christians and how they are responsible for all the problems in the world. Claimed among other things that Osama bin Laden was more moral than the Pope. Banned for a variety of reasons, one of which was calling the administrator a "Christian pervert."



  • Acronym for Clemson Talk



  • A paid subscription to Clemsontalk. By contributing some money to Victor to help him pay for server fees, a CT+ Member is given an avatar (100x100 pixels max), a signature, a personal user status, a larger share in the CT photo gallery, and the ability to store a higher volume of PMs.
  • Prices are as follows: $5 for three months, $12 for one year, and $45 for a lifetime (A rather short lifetime, that is, 20 years). Payment options include Paypal or, in rare circumstances, physically handing the administrator (levine) the money.



  • A person on Clemson Talk, especially regulars



  • Often used, but incorrect, spelling of "cute." Adopted by CT users for no reason whatsoever.



  • Used to describe a jacked thread, usually the result of arguing or trolling.



  1. Acronym for "do her in the butt," a Clemson Talk running gag.
  2. Can also be "DYITB ("do you in the butt"), or just ITB.

drama llama


  • The end result whenever any two CT users date each other. It isn't pretty.

dupe account


  • A dupe account is any additional account created by a user. Dupe accounts are most often used to post anonymously or sidestep a non-IP permaban. Dupe accounts are not allowed, and having two accounts at once usually results in a ban of the second account. The punishment for creating a new account after being permabanned, however, is still being decided.
  • Most famous dupe accounts: Malpractice (humicroav), N3v3r49073n (theMan), Caulfield (An_Observer), and BananaFish/MilkmanDan/DupeAccount/Speech/ChillinZ/Caulfield v*.* (Caulfield), among others.



  • The sound made while masturbating.



  • Short for "fixed." Used whenever a quote or comment in a thread was found to be incorrect and was changed by another user within the actual quote to point out that the quote has changed. (Notice: same character length as 'fixed' & more difficult)

for the win!


  1. When a thread consists of a list of responses from various users (IE: "What is your favorite thing about Clemson?"), "for the win!" is used whenever a user posts, or quotes another user, to show that this particular response is the best one posted in the thread.
  2. A more casual version of "QFT;" used in the same basic situations.
  3. Can be abbreviated "FTW"



  • Often used, but incorrect, spelling of "gay." Adopted by CT users for no reason whatsoever.



  • cshieffer's curious and intentional misspelling of "God," which stemmed from his refusal to agree with anything Christians did, not even their proper use of the English language. Most CT users have adopted this spelling as a running gag.



  • Acronym for "Get The Fuck Out." This phrase is often directed at new users who ask inane questions about CT events they weren't around for, or for users who walk into threads they weren't involved in and derail it and/or just generally shit on it.


interj., adv., adj., n.

  1. What a lightweight says when he can't handle his booze.
  2. Calling someone a lightweight who can't handle his booze.
  3. So extremely inebriated when typing up a post on CT that words appear with insufficient context clues to allow for proper parsing. Originally seen in "i am so drubn i catn ever n duckien see straight holy hicek shuit"



  1. Acronym for "in before the lock." When it becomes obvious that an admin is going to lock a thread as soon as they read it, users will sometimes try to post in that thread as many times as possible before it happens.
  2. Sometimes used to ridicule someone else's thread, a subtle way of calling it crap and insinuating that it should be locked.

Jojo Limit


  1. The Jojo Limit states that it is okay to stare at, admire, make crude sexual innuendos about, or otherwise lust after any younger girl of exceptional attractiveness, assuming that she was born on or before December 20, 1990. That means that the Jojo Limit is currently at 15, and rises every year on her birthday. The Jojo Limit only applies to college-age students; any older and it's just creepy. This does not include or endorse excessive pedophilia or actual sex with a minor. When Jojo reaches 18, the limit will lock and cease rising.
  2. An inside joke created by CT member StevenZ that eventually found its way into common use on the forum.



  • More popular, but incorrect, spelling of "lame." Adopted by CT users for no reason whatsoever.



  1. Acronym for "lower case." ClemsonTalk's forum software will filter posts in all caps, so that a POST LIKE THIS becomes a Post Like This. Adding lc to the end of a capitalized post stops that filter from being triggered.
  2. Could also be used to tell someone to turn their caps lock off.



  • Bastardization of the abbreviation 'LOL,' which stands for "Laughing Out Loud." Lawls is often used when laughing at someone, not with them.


  • Popular type of language used by online gamers and internet geeks. Used by theMan at one time to troll and otherwise confuse other posters. An example would be "r u d01n9 f1n3 2d4y?" which is "are you doing fine today?"


noo-mance, n.

  • Pertaining to or describing the level of intellectual discourse present in a thread, post or forum.



  1. Shortened form of "Oh really?" Used in any situation where you want to express mild surprise or disbelief.
  2. Corresponding image macro available.



  1. Someone has been proven wrong or dominated in some way. Can be used as a suffix to the person or thing that owned them, such as in "Al Capowned." When used as a suffix, "-owned" is only to be attached to a single word, preferably in a fashion that replaces the final few letters of the word itself. It is, under no circumstances, to be attached to the end of a sentence, a long string of words, or any particular word where it does not properly fit, impedes on the natural aural flow of a sentence, or causes the speaker to become tongue-tied.
  2. Sometimes "pwned" or "pwn3d"



  • Stands for "poll coming." When a user wants to create a poll, they must first create a thread. If some other user immediately loads the thread, they won't be able to see the poll until after it is created. The thread creator might use "p/c" in the first post to alert other users that they are in the process of making a poll.

Pics or Shens


  • Short for "pictures or shenannigans" meaning that someone doubts what someone else has said and wants to see pictures to prove it.

post whore


  • Someone who repeatedly makes pointless or unnecessary comments in multiple threads for the sole purpose of increasing their overall post count. Excessive spamming will usually get a user temp-banned for 48 hours.



  1. Acronym of "Quoted for Truth." Used to show that a user agrees 100% with something another user said earlier in the thread.
  2. Sometimes written as "QFMFT," which stands for "Quoted for Mother-fucking Truth," because everybody knows something is more true after it has fucked its mother.



  • Short for reputation. Users can give positive or negative reputation to other users' comments. A user's total reputation is displayed by red or green blocks under their name.

rep whore


  1. Someone who spreads rep around so often that they are able to give the same person rep twice in one night, or otherwise receive the message "You have spread around too much rep in 24 hours. Please wait until later."
  2. Alternately, someone who asks, begs, or boasts about the amount of positive rep they have received within a thread. This will usually earn a user some negative rep for being a braggart.

Robot Hitler


  1. Popular nickname for levine, the current Administrator for Clemsontalk.com. It began as a joke by CT user david_sakh as a satirical criticism of levine's controversial reign, considered to be a "fascist cheerocracy" by himself and many other users.
  2. Has since spawned a relevant Facebook group.



  • Bastardization of the abbreviation 'ROFL,' which stands for "Rolling On the Floor Laughing." Roffles is often used when laughing at someone, not with them.



  1. Acronym for the Religion, Philosophy and Politics forum on CT.
  2. Most regular CT posters avoid RP&P like the plague, because they threads become gigantic and are very hard to keep up with unless you are in the middle of the debate from the very beginning.



  1. More popular, but incorrect, spelling of "sex." Adopted by CT users for no reason whatsoever.
  2. Can also be sexorz or sechorz



  • Bastardization of the acronym "CT"



  1. An image macro used whenever a user has said something that could potentially get them into trouble, as if they were looking around to see if anybody noticed what they have said.
  2. More often than not, the image is not actually inlined. Instead, users just type "shiftyeyes.gif" in their post because they are too lazy to look up a link to the image.

"Someone ban this asshole."


  1. A phrase used whenever someone does something stupid, like start a BBJ thread or make an asinine comment. It is obviously an exaggeration and not really a request, because if everyone got banned for posting something stupid, there would be no users on CT.
  2. Most often directed at the users with red blocks, since they are on their way to being rep banned anyway.

super shens


  • Used to call out a user who has made a very vague or incorrect statement, usually through sweeping, unverifiable generalizations.



  • Acronym for "True Fucking Story," just another way of agreeing with a user (like QFT and FTW)



  1. One of the most hated and annoying trolls ever to log on to Clemsontalk, theMan spent months terrorizing the forum and testing the limits of the rules. While never outright violating any rule that would warrant a permaban, he was still tempbanned numerous times for creating crappy threads, inlining pornography and shock images, and derailing almost every thread that he contributed to. Was the second user to ever be rep banned, but he returned with a dupe account several weeks later. He later lost the password to his dupe, and the admin has refused to supply him with it.
  2. Not nearly as annoying in person.



  • The act of intentionally changing the course of a discussion to some new topic, usually unrelated to the original topic, instead of creating an entirely new thread. This is heavily frowned upon.

top quoting


  • Quoting someone else's post and putting your reply above it, rather than below it. This practice is frowned upon.



  • A user who has given up on intelligent debate or productive posts and instead limits themselves to posting distracting, offensive, or otherwise pointless comments. Usually results in mountains of neg rep and, in many cases, a ban of some sort.

Where is your ghod now?


  1. One of the most frequently repeated phrases on Clemsontalk originally derived from cshieffer's curious intentional misspelling of "God." However, cshieffer never said this exact phrase. There is no real definition or proper use of this phrase, but it is most often used jokingly when something extraordinarily negative has happened to a user, CT, or the world as a whole as a way of pointing out that ghod has abandoned them.
  2. Has resulted in numerous image macros: The Burger King 1, The Burger King 2, The Burger King 3, Caulfield, Portuguese, and Italian, among others.
  3. The Italian image macro prompted an entire thread devoted to "Where is your Ghod now?" multiculturalism, spawning macros in Japanese, French, Spanish, and Canadian, thanks to Tomahawk's language skills and lack of anything better to do.



  1. Shortened form of "Yea, really!" Used almost exclusively as an affirmative response to "ORLY?"
  2. Corresponding image macro available.

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