December 14

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December 14 in Clemson History

  • 1888: In a key vote, the South Carolina House defeats, 67-48, the motion made by opponents of the Thomas Green Clemson bequest to strike enacting words from the resolution. (Bryan, Wright, "Clemson: An Informal History of the University 1889-1979", The R. L. Bryan Company, Columbia, South Carolina, 1979, ISBN 0-934870-01-2, page 27.)
  • 1917:* "Trains Collide Near Calhoun - Fireman and Baggagemaster Lose Lives - Passengers Hurt" "Clemson College, Dec. 14 - Fireman McKenzie and Baggagemaster Blake were killed in a head-on collision which occurred at 8:15 o'clock this morning on the Southern Railway one mile north of Calhoun, when passenger trains Nos. 43 and 46 ran together on a curve. The dead men were of the crew of the northbound train, No. 46. The impact completely demolished both engines, two baggage cars, one express car and 20 feet of track were torn up. No passengers were seriously hurt. It took several hours to extricate the body of the baggagemaster. He was pinned under the tender. The boilers are upside down in deep ditches on opposite sides of the track and the driving wheels of one engine are on top of those of the other. R. H. Tedder, engineer on 43, was slightly bruised in jumping from his train. Conductor Pope Barrow was in charge of 43, and Capt. Laird in charge of 46. Much express and baggage were scattered along the track. It is said that the accident was caused by the failure of an operator [at Seneca] to deliver orders to the engineer of No. 46. Up to 4 o'clock this afternoon northbound passenger trains were detoured by way of Belton." (Walhalla, South Carolina, "The Keowee Courier", Wednesday 19 December 1917, Volume LXVIII, No. 51, page 4.) A steam crane is required to clear up the wreckage.

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