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Bowling Alley during "Cosmic Bowling." (photo courtesy of Clemson University)
The Union Underground pool hall (photo courtesy of Clemson University)

Also referred to as the Union Underground.

Edgar's is the only bar located directly ON campus. It is located at the bottom of the old Edgar A. Brown University Union, below McCabe and Holmes dorms. In years past it was open most every night, presenting small bands, open mic nights, karaoke, etc. But due to low popularity and attendence, Edgar's bar-area is now closed most nights with the exception of special occassions such as concerts. They do still serve beer out of a concession window located near the arcade.

The rest of the area, referred to as the Union Underground houses a 10-lane bowling alley, a video arcade, ping-pong tables, TVs, a projection TV (mainly for big sporting events) and 10 full-size pool tables. They hold both 9 and 8 ball tournaments regularly and have recently begun to hold poker tournaments.

The video arcade contains various popular games such as, Pump It Up!: The Premiere 3, Confidential Mission, World Series Baseball: 99, Metal Slug 3, Keyboard Mania: 3rd Mix, Marvel vs Capcom 2, No Good Gofers, Strikers 1945 Plus, Hydro Thunder, and Alien Invasion.

The current version of Pump It Up!, The Premiere 3, was reinstalled Thursday, April 21, 2005 after it was removed for repairs for a number of weeks. This particular version is widely known to be buggy and happens to freeze up on occasion. Some things to keep in mind to prevent your game from coming to an abrupt halt:

-After each player is finished with his or her game unplug the machine and let it cool down 15-30 seconds. Sometimes if someone goes up one after another the machine will freeze up while loading the bonus stage.

-On the song selection screen let the song demo load up before you press any buttons. You may still hold down the blue arrow buttons to scroll through the song list quickly without much of a problem. This problem isn't too bad when entering codes such as speed multipliers, but there is a good chance the game will freeze on the title card screen if you select the song before the demo has a chance to load.