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A Pipe link is a Wikilink that links to something different than what the link reads as to the page viewer. For example, this is a pipe link.

How to create Pipe links

To create a pipe link, simply start a new wikilink, type what article you wish the pipe link to redirect to, then type a " | ", then type what you want the pipe link to read as, then close the pipe link. For example, if you want a link to say Dr. Hedetniemi, but link to the article Stephen Hedetniemi, type [[Stephen Hedetniemi|Dr. Hedetniemi]], which will read as Dr. Hedetniemi.

When to use Pipe linking

Pipe linking is useful when you wish to link to an article without using the exact name of the article. For example, in the the sentence James McEleney is a Computer Science Professor, there should be a link to the Computer Science department. However, the full title of the Department's Article is Department of Computer Science. Therefore it is preferable to write the sentence like so: James McEleney is a [[Department of Computer Science|Computer Science]] Professor. Another option in this example would be to use Computer Science as a redirect to Department of Computer Science, but this is less preferable because in general, redirects should be avoided whenever possible. Pipe linking allows for precision in where links point to and what they say.