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General Info

Holmes Residence Hall (photo courtesy Clemson University)

Holmes Hall is the honors dorm at Clemson. It is card-access, and rooms are arranged suite-style, with two people to a room, and two rooms to a common bathroom. Rooms sharing a bathroom are same-sex, obviously, but halls are co-ed by suite. Actual square footage of the rooms is larger than most of the dorms on campus, and about the same as Stadium Suites. Each floor has a community kitchen/lounge with stove, microwave, tables and chairs, etc. that are used for studying more often than not.

Holmes is more or less the same building and floorplan as McCabe, and the two dorms are located about 20 feet from each other. Both buildings are about 300 yards away from the stadium, and about 20 yards from the Edgar A. Brown University Union (the old union), Harcombe dining hall, and the post office. Laundry facilities for Holmes and McCabe residents are in the basement of Holmes, with probably around a dozen washers and dryers. The basement also houses a computer lab.

Typical Holmes suite layout. (photo courtesy Clemson University)

All rooms feature bunkable or loftable XL twin beds, two armoires, two dressers, two desks (with hutches that can be removed), two chairs (many students elect to replace these with their own) and an in-room sink. The common bathroom has a standing-room-only shower and toilet. Most students have no problem fitting in their computer, a shared TV, a couch or futon and a mini fridge, so long as they choose to loft. The walls are cinderblock and sufficiently thick to block out most noise, but you'll definately hear a party going on next door.

Holmes is clean and carpeted, spacious, well placed on campus and a great choice for Honors freshmen and sophomores who elect to stay on campus.

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