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'''{{PAGENAME}} in Clemson History'''
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==Events on {{PAGENAME}} in Clemson's History==
*[[1835]]: [[P. H. E. Sloan]], future secretary and treasurer of Clemson Agricultural College, is born this date.
*[[1957]]: [[Board of Trustees]] institute new policy requiring Clemson officials to retire at age 65.
*[[1967]]: It is announced that the [[1893]]-vintage student health center will be replaced by a new 34-bed hospital and out-patient clinic. ([[The Tiger]], "''Infirmary''", 7 August 1967, Volume LXI, Number 1, page 7.) This will be named [[Redfern Health Center]] later.
*[[1971]]: The University of South Carolina tenders its resignation to the [[Atlantic Coast Conference]] in a dispute about academic standards.  This is the first and only withdrawal from the [[ACC]].
*[[1974]]: [[Frank Howard]] retires from the University payroll, but continues to maintain his office in [[Jervey Athletic Center]].
*[[1980]]: [[Geraldine Labecki]], the dean of the [[College of Nursing]], retires, having served since [[1968]].
*[[2006]]: Target date for closing the [[Douthit Hills]] family housing complex.  The hundred-unit complex was mostly erected in [[1950]] and the aging infrastructure no longer makes it cost-effective to maintain.
*[[2007]]: The [[Clemson University Tiger Band Association]] annual meeting held in room 115 of the [[Brooks Center]] at 11 a.m.
*[[2008]]: NOTAM - The Oconee County Airport will close to flight activity for 60-65 days while runway 27 is lengthened by 500 feet.
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