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  • 1891: The trustees, apparently on Henry Aubrey Strode's recommendation, establish a number of "chairs," faculty positions that might form the basis for later "departments." Strode serves as chairman of the trustee committee on curriculum whose report is adopted by the board. "The two principle areas of instruction, agriculture with four chairs and mechanical with one and several shop foremen, were to be supported by five chairs in English and literature, mathematics, physics, history and political economy, and chemistry. It is not clear how extensive a search was conducted to fill these positions, but most of the first sixteen appointments were South Carolinians" ( "Tradition: A History of the Presidency of Clemson University", Mercer University Press, 1988, page 28). Strode was to serve as professor of mathematics.
  • 1957: Congressional hearings are held in Washington, D.C. addressing the Hartwell Dam flooding issues.
  • Spring break, 1978: Renovation of the Amphitheatre begins during the student holiday. Work is expected to be finished by the fall of 1978. Original plans for tearing down the facility and replacing it with one of "Clemson pink brick" have been abandoned after a majority of students, organized by Save Our Amphitheatre People (SOAP), expressed a desire to have the campus landmark restored in its original form. The screening fountain system is rusted beyond repair (operable during filming of The Midnight Man in 1973), however, and will not be replaced, and the wooden benches with two aisles will be replaced by terraced seating and a single center aisle.
  • Mid-late March, 1979: Student leader elections overturned after candidate breaks rules on campaign expenditures; appeals follow, eventually Bob Fuzy is confirmed as new Student Senate president.
  • 1980: Automatic teller machines are installed on campus for the first time. Rare documents from John C. Calhoun's career are discovered in a vault in Tillman Hall prior to its renovation. From The Tiger, March 28, 1980, (Vol. 73, No. 22), page two, by Tiger Staff Writer Beth Reese, "Bill Thompson and Steve Lee, of the university's accounting office, discovered the papers while sifting through old student and financial records that had been stored in a forgotten vault in Tillman. The building was about to be turned over to contractors for the beginning of the $4.2 million renovation, and the storage areas needed to be cleared. 'We put on our coveralls and crawled back into the vault, which had been originally used by the university's treasurer. The vault is about 10 feet by 14 feet with a seven foot ceiling and is at the front of the building where the sociology department was located,' said Thompson.
  • "Expecting only to find student and financial records, the two men looked through a trap door in the steel ciling (sic) and found framed items and handwritten Calhoun letters. Among the papers were two documents appointing Calhoun as Secretary of War during the administrations of James Monroe and John Tyler. Affixed to the documents were the signatures of Monroe and Tyler, as well as John Quincy Adams (in the position of Secretary of State under Monroe)."
  • 1980, Last week of March: Without informing anyone, the Athletic Department begins grading on historic Riggs Field in preparation for moving the soccer field from its current location north of Death Valley to the former football stadium. IPTAY parking will be added in the former soccer field location.
  • 1981: The Bookstore bar and disco closes when owner Manning H. Garren dies. (Daugherty, Jim, staff writer, The Tiger, Thursday 16 April 1981, Volume 74, Number 26, page 1.)
  • 2006: Razing of former site of Death Valley Exxon on northwest corner of Tiger Boulevard and College Avenue begins in preparation for new Sonic Drive-In. Deadline for bids on contract for new WSBF transmission tower. Previous one failed after a lightning strike in December 2005. "Growing Up Cartoonist in the Baby-Boom South - A memoir and cartoon retrospective" by Kate Salley Palmer is published by Clemson University Digital Press, ISBN 0-9771263-4-X.
  • 2007: Tiger Band is recognized by College Band Directors National Association (CBDNA), the premiere professional college band organization in the United States, as one of four schools to present a "live" on videotape performance at the bi-annual conference, held later this month at Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is a first-time opportunity in a newly-created category. Dr. Mark Spede selected the 2006 Rent half-time show as Tiger Band's best effort.