Martin Hall

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The Mathematical Sciences Department, the Graduate School, one of the major public campus computer labs, and the DCIT help desk are all housed in the three buildings that comprise Martin Hall. Martin Hall is actually comprised of three separate buildings, Martin-M, Martion-O, and Martin-E. Building-M houses a large computer lab on the bottom floor and has classrooms on the other 2 floors. Building-O is primarily office space for faculty, and building-E is primarily classrooms, comptuer science labs, and mathematics labs.

Martin Hall is named for Maj. S. Maner Martin, an 1896 graduate of The Citadel and one of Clemson's first math instructors, serving from 1898 until his retirement in 1948.

Martin Hall is located adjacent to Kinard Laboratory of Physics, the Amphitheater, Sikes Hall, and across from Brackett Hall on the backside.