May 10

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May 10 in Clemson History

  • 1862: Confederate forces withdraw from the Peninsula as Norfolk, Virginia is evacuated. Major of Artillery, active volunteer forces of Virginia, Mark Bernard Hardin, assigned to duty at Craney Island since October, 1861, withdraws. While on this island he was an eye-witness of all the stirring scenes enacted in that vicinity, and among other historic happenings the destruction of the Cumberland and the Congress, and the fight between the Merrimac and the Monitor.
  • 1947: Clemson thumps Davidson 15-1. It was the 2nd game of what would be an 8 game win streak, allowing the Tigers to finish 24-5 under Coach Randy Hinson, one of the best seasons in program history.
  • 1951: The Tiger reports that Mrs. J.G. Lindsay has been named Clemson's Mother of the Year by Tiger Brotherhood. Three-man committee of the Clemson Alumni Association delivers report to the Board of Trustees and the District Engineer, Army Corps of Engineers, condemning the Hartwell Dam project for the potential damage to the college that it represents.
  • 1978: Professor Samuel Broadus Earle, former acting president of Clemson Agricultural College, dies at age 100. He is buried in Cemetary Hill on the Clemson campus.
  • 2007: Candidates for graduation may access grades.

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