October 13

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October 13 in Clemson History

  • 1906: Clemson and Virginia Tech battle to scoreless tie on Bowman Field, putting the series record at 1-1-1.
  • 1917: Clemson defeats Furman in Greenville, 38-0, and Tiger player Stumpy Banks scores five touchdowns, a record that stands today.
  • 1922: The Tigers blank Presbyterian College, 13-0, in third Clemson home game of the year.
  • October 11, 1924-October 14, 1924: The last and largest student walk-out in Clemson history, and the greatest challenge of acting President Samuel Broadus Earle's tenure. Student gripes about the quality of food in the mess spiral out of control when the cadet emissary sent to the commandant, Colonel Otis R. Cole, to ask permission for a student meeting is accused of having "liquor on his breath". He is hauled immediately before the discipline committee and suspended for a year. Outraged cadets are refused permission to meet regarding the expelled, a popular student who is senior class president and captain of the football team, but they meet on Riggs Field anyway and draft a petition demanding better food, the dismissal of mess officer J.D. Harcombe, and reinstatement of their dismissed classmate. When Earle refuses their demands, promising only to continue investigating the mess allegations, 500 cadets leave campus on the evening of October 14 in protest. The walk-out results in twenty-three dismissals and 112 suspensions, as well as sixty-five honorable discharges from various classes, and the withdrawal from school of thirty-six students who are unwilling to face the punishments awaiting them when they return to campus. Although the board of trustees commends Earle for not relinquishing his authority to student demands, the toll on the school is a lingering discontent and unwanted bad publicity.
  • 1933: Clemson plays its first night game, against the George Washington University in the Nation's Capital, the first time the squads meet. The Tigers battle the Colonials to a scoreless tie.
  • 1945: Clemson defeats team from Naval Air Station Pensacola, 7-6, in last match-up with a wartime training program squad, in a game played in Memorial Stadium.

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