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The Amphitheater (photo by Jake Stoudenmire)

The Amphitheater is an outdoor theater located on the other side of the Reflection pond from Cooper Library. The theater was originally built in 1940, as a gift from the class of 1915 and funds from the federal government. The stage is a mix of red, grey, and beige marble with "1915" inset on the surface. The theater's wide grassy steps provides a perfect location for outdoor studying between classes, napping, or just socializing, and in previous years the Clemson University have held graduations within the walls of the Amphitheater.

The Amphitheater is also often used by many student organizations. WSBF 88.1, Clemson's student run radio station, regularly holds concerts. UPAC shows outdoor movies. Former Republican Party presidential candidate Alan Keyes gave a speech at the theater in 2000. On a beautiful Clemson day, some professors will hold outdoor classes at the theater.

The Clemson University Tiger Band also holds a concert there on home game days. The concert is a must for Tiger fans and students. Clemson band at Library.jpg The theater has been renovated twice, first in 1978 and again in 1997.