Pendleton, South Carolina

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Pendleton is a very small town located just to the south-east of Clemson. It is primarily comprised of older retirees and southern natives. The main draw is Pendleton Square, which is about a block's worth of shops and resturaunts. There is occasionally an arts festival in the square, and nearby is the Clemson Little Theatre, a small theatre that puts on plays every now and then.

To get to Pendleton, take 76 south toward Anderson. As soon as you go past the turn for Silas Pearman Blvd (or Perimeter Road, if you like) bear left onto Pendleton Rd., behind the armory. Go about 2 or 3 miles and you'll get to a stoplight. Pendleton Square will be on your left. If you turn right at the stoplight, a few hundred yards down there will be an old barn that several Clemson art students reconstructed, to some extent, as a part of a project. It is somewhat dangerous to walk around (lots of exposed and rusty steel) but interesting. Be careful, the neighborhood is not exactly safe.

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