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== Trivia ==
A gay fraternity a Clemson.
[[Image:PhiSig.jpg|thumb|right|Phi Sigma Kappa, 2004-2005]]
Greek Letters: ΦΣΚ<br/>
Nickname: Triple T's Society <br/>
Chapter Name: Clemson Colony<br/>
Colors: Red and Silver <br/>
National Founding: March 15, 1873 <br/>
Brothers: 25 <br/>
Cumulative GPR: 2.879<br/>
Last Fall's Pledge Class: N/A  
== External Links ==
[http://www.cuphisigs.org Clemson's Phi Sigma Kappa Site]<br/>
[http://www.phisigmakappa.org National Phi Sigma Kappa Site]<br/>
Email address of President: kjoshi@clemson.edu

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A gay fraternity a Clemson.