Skin Thrashers

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Skin Thrashers is a small hotdog joint located in the same shopping center as Monterrey's and China Wok, off of Highway 76 and next to Tillman Place. In addition to hotdogs they serve things like chips, snack food, and occasionally homemade chocolate cake. You can have a seat at the counter or tables for dine in service (no tipping necessary) or place your order at the register to go. The traditional way to eat a skins hotdog is "all the way" which means chili, onions, and mustard. They aren't terribly big so don't be shy about ordering two or more for yourself.

Thrasher's uses custom-blended meat - part pork, part beef - on their dawgs. The original Skin's location is in Anderson, South Carolina.


The atmosphere feels rather old-fashioned and basic probably because little has changed since it opened. The decor is little more than folding chairs and tables with Coke bottles for salt shakers. The walls are plastered with Clemson posters, paraphernalia dating back to the 80s, and a sign that proclaims, "The language you use in church is good enough to use here." There's a lot of history to Skins so take some time to read a few of the articles and newspaper clippings on the walls. The typical clients are mostly old folks and college guys who look like they make a game of seeing how many dogs they can eat in one sitting. Around lunch time you'll see a lot of working class folks as well.