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The Study Hall was Clemson's first "bar", as opposed to traditional watering holes like the Esso Club and the Tiger Paw Lounge on the by-pass where it joins U.S. 76. The elite Tiger Tavern in the Clemson House doesn't enter into it. The Study Hall occupied the two-story building at 100 College Avenue on the corner of College Avenue and Clemson Boulevard now occupied by the SBS Bookstore. It featured a U-shaped bar downstairs on the corner, an adjacent ground-floor delicatessen and an Italian menu restaurant upstairs, which according to some Clemson oldtimers, served the best pizza in town. Testimonials available upon request.

Opened in the 1964, the Study Hall's two owners would split up after only a year or so. One owner opened a competing establishment across the street in the remodeled Feedbag hardware store at 116 College Avenue as the Red Carpet Lounge, now Tiger Town Tavern. But that's another story. The other, Bill Hopkins, who also owned Pixie and Bill's Steak House on Hwy 123, would continue to own The Study Hall until the late 1970's.


The Study Hall was the intellectual bar in town, presided over by "Pooh Bear", the bartender for many years, and Dan Grogan, long-time manager. The establishment featured a graphic of a damsel with a mug of beer, by Czech artist and designer, Alfons Maria Mucha, (July 24, 1860July 14, 1939), acid-etched into the windows. Works by this artist are not yet in the public domain, and are protected by international copyright law until 70 years after the creator's death, so this website cannot upload an image of the windows at this time. Whether the Study Hall requested permission to use the image for their logo remains unknown at this time. The offbeat crowd found a happy home at the Study Hall.

In the October 1979 Southern Bell yellow pages, (page 120) the Study Hall Delicatessen adverted that "We Cater to Private Parties", and suggested that patrons "Try Our Delicious Roast Beef Sandwich On Freshly Baked French Bread", as well as pizzas, hot pastrami sandwiches, and Kosher foods. "Air conditioned," back when this was the exception, not the norm. The 1979 operating hours were 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., 7 days a week (bar closed on Sunday). "Come In - You'll Be Glad You Did," promised their advert.

Closed in the early 1980s, it would be replaced by a Captain Dan's Seafood restaurant for a brief time. In the mid-'80s, the restaurant and bar were reestablished (and the Mucha windows reinstalled), but the renewed operation apparently did not keep food cost in check, and the Study Hall closed for the second and last time in the mid-1980s. With the demise of the Study Hall, much of the clientele moved up Sloan Street to Nick's.

Pooh Bear, however, continues to work for the university.

The delicatessen's phone number for take-out was 654-3692, while the bar's number was 654-9842.

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