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Joel Brawley
Joel Brawley
Joel W. Collins, Jr.
Joey Delaney
Joey Delaney

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Tiger Brotherhood was founded in 1928 with the purpose of initiating a higher standard of moral conduct at Clemson with the purpose of building a greater Clemson. Since Clemson was a military school at the time, the students (cadets) were under military rule of the commandant. There was no Student Government and cadets had no "voice" with the administration. Numerous student walkouts occurred in the early years at Clemson and the unrest reached its peak after the 1924 incidents and the untimely death of Pres. Walter Merritt Riggs. The Brotherhood of Tigers was organized in 1924 and all cadets were given membership. The organization proved to be too large and cumbersome to accomplish anything and slowly fell apart. Tiger Brotherhood, organized in 1928 by Prof. John Logan Marshall and nineteen members of the Senior Class, aimed to build a bridge between the students, faculty, staff, and administration.

Tiger Brotherhood has been instrumental in originating many different Clemson events over the last 80 years. In recent years, the organization has been the driving force behind the Founder's Day celebrations, RC & Moonpie Downhill Run, Tiger Cup Speech Competition, Mother of the Year and the efforts to preserve the Woodland Cemetery, commonly known as Cemetery Hill. In it's infancy, Tiger Brotherhood was the first form of Student Government on Clemson's campus. In the 1940s, the organization organized the first Clemson Clean-Up that has now reemerged and is called Campus Sweep. Other signs of Tiger Brotherhood around campus include the famous Littlejohn Tiger sculpture and the Stone Gates at the entrance to campus. The final set of gates, to be placed at the west entrance near the Lake Hartwell dikes, has been paid for and will be added to the Clemson landscape in the near future.

From the Tiger Brotherhood website:

"Tiger Brotherhood is an honorary service fraternity at Clemson University. It still embraces the same basic tenets established by its founders, led by John Logan Marshall in 1928. Tiger Brotherhood promotes high standards of social and ethical conduct, while recognizing in its members a strong devotion to Clemson, coupled with a character commensurate with a typical Clemson gentleman. The organization embodies an unequaled cross-sectional representation of the Clemson community. Students, faculty and staff all work within the bonds of brotherhood to champion a closer relationship. One for all and all for one, with Clemson and its many traditions and undying spirit as the central focus, Tiger Brotherhood today provides a viable, flexible and continuing forum for generating ideas and performing unending service to Clemson."

Current Tiger Brotherhood Projects

Many members have responsibilities from other organizations. These responsibilities provide opportunities to assist in multiple projects. Worthy causes have included campus safety, visitor parking, Clemson ring quality, and others as well. The only projects officially garnering Tiger Brotherhood's name include the Clemson Days of Traditions Calendar and the Woodland Cemetery Preservation Project.

Clemson Days of Tradition Calendar

The Clemson Days of Tradition Calendar is distributed to all incoming first-time Clemson students and faculty. All other sales earn funds for producing the calendar each year, with profits intended to help aid in the construction of a student memorial for all Clemson students who have passed away prior to receiving their degree. Further information concerning the calendars can be found at http://www.clemson.edu/traditions-calendar [1].

Cemetery Hill Project

The Woodland Cemetery on Cemetery Hill is arguably the most historically significant location on Clemson's campus. Many men and women who have helped shaped the Clemson known and loved today are buried on these grounds. The Calhoun Cemetery sits atop the hill surrounded by an iron fence. On January 24, 1924, Clemson President Walter Merritt Riggs was laid to rest outside the Calhoun plot and became the first non-Calhoun buried there. In an effort to bring more awareness to Woodland Cemetery, "Cemetery Chronicles" are posted periodically within Clemson World magazine. The recent renovations to the gates and the surrounding area are a direct result of this effort. During campus sweep each year, members of Tiger Brotherhood work to clean the cemetery. For more information visit the Clemson University web site. The Clemson World Magazine from the Summer of 2004 has a great article about the project: http://www.clemson.edu/clemsonworld/archive/2004/summer04/cemetery.htm [2]

Current Active Members (partial)

AbdurRabb Watkins

Al Adams

Al Whitley

Amanda McDonald

Amit Toprani

Andrew Suski

Andy Johnston

Angelo DiBiase

Anne-Ross Cornwell

Anthony McCrorey

Ashby Gressette

Ashley Cuttino

Ashley Skelton Young

August Darnell

Ben Davis

Ben Leader

Ben Manning

Bert Henderson

Bill Harder

Bill Mays

Bill McKinney

Bill Reid

Bill Suski

BJ Skelton

Blair Wright

Bob Brookover

Bob Mahony

Bobby McCormick

Bobby Rettew

Bobby Skelton

Bradley Lecroy

Brandon Cox

Brandon Smith

Brandon Streeter

Brandt Gilbert

Brian Ammons

Brian Eyink

Brian O'Rourke

Brian Park

Brody Smith

Bruce Yandle

Bryan Young

Bubba Britton

Bud Hicklin

Byron Harder

Carl Epting

Casey Graham

Cecil Huey

Charles Barron

Charles Hucks

Charles Ruff

Charles Warren

Charlie Bussey

Charlie Walls

Chase Eldridge

Chase Foster

Chris Darley

Chris Eleazer

Chris Gardocki

Chris League

Chris Lecroy

Chris Peters

Chris Sieverdes

Clark Curry

Cornelius A Elam (Tony)

Creswell Curtis

Curtis Brison

Dallas Burnett

Dallas Glass

Danny Gregg

Danny Poole

Danny Rhodes

Dave Merry

Dave Sharpe

Dave Woodard

David Bennett

David Duncan

David Poe

David Richardson

David Senn

Dawson Luke

Derek Hamby

Dewitt Miles

Don Fowler

Don Garrett

Don Harrison

Drew Everhart

Drew Gunnells

Drew Hyche

Drew Niederriter

Duncan McLaurin

Eddie Hunter

Edward Curtis

Elizabeth Stanley

Ellen Breazel

Ellen Breazel

Elliott Dodson

Emily Manning

Emily Patrick

Eric Breazel

Eric Fedele

Eric Lawhorn

Eric Newton

Eric Thome

Felicia Merryman Livingston

Fletcher Anderson

Francis Webster

Frank Gentry

Franklin Wallace

G.G. Galloway

Gabe DiBiase

Garland Gravely

Garland Jaeger

Gary Campbell

Gary Kirby

Gary Wade

George Bennett

Grant Burns

Greg Edwards

Greg Neimer

Gregg Miller

Hamp Bruner

Hap Carr

Harrison Trammell, Jr.

Harry Harritos

Health Mills

Heidi Wright

Henry Guess

Hudson Shelby

Jack Wilks

Jacob Barker

James Kennedy

James Townsend

James Williams

Jason Walter

Jay Thompson

Jeff Bennett

Jeff Chapman

Jeff Ferguson

Jeff Stocks

Jeffery Young

Jenks Patrick

Jere Ross

Jerry Reel

Jerry Trapnel

Jessica Stoots Marchant

Jill Hendricks

Jim Barker

Jim Buck

Jim Burnham

Jim Davis

Jim Douglas

Jim Hendrix

Jim Hite

Jimmy Swiger

Jimmy Wright

Joe Ziska

Joel Brawley

Joel W. Collins, Jr.

Joey Delaney

Joey Gasque

Johbe King

John McEntire

John Newton

John Seketa

John Shelley

John Stillwell

Jon Christiansen

Jonathan Foster

Jonathan Trammell

Joseph Godsey

Josh Bell

Josh Segars

JT Clark

Julie Thome

Kathrine Davis

Katie Privett

Katie Spearman

Katy Gregg

Kelley Breeding

Kevin Barnes

Kevin Hackett

Kirby Player

Kyle Young

LaBruce Boggan

Lance Burnett

Lance Young

Lane Miller

Larry Bauer

Larry Bowman

Larry Penley

Laurence Connor

Lawson Holland

Lawton Smith

Lee Ayers

Leverette "Hook" Bruner

Levon Kirkland

Lindsey Clark

Liz Whitley

Louis Theiling

Lucas Glover

Mark Daniels

Mark Eisengrien

Mark Foster

Mark Wasserman

Martin Driggers, Jr

Marty Williams

Marvin Carmichael

Marvin Dixon

Mary Ann Prater

Mary Frances Ross

Mary Pickens

Mason Ailstock

Mason King

Matt Alexander

Matt Bullwinkel

Matt Clark

Matt Clemmons

Matt Dunbar

Matt Herndon

Matt Mills

Matt Ostwalt

Matt Phillips

Matt Smuro

Matt Watkins

Mendal Bouknight

Michael Dowling

Michael Lalich

Michael Reidenbach

Mickey Plyler

Mike Davis

Mike McNulty

Milt Lowder

Nancy Martin

Nate Manning

Nishant Karamchandani

Nick Crossland

Noah Welsh

Otis Pickett

Pat Crowther

Parker Rogers

Paul Halphen

PB Nowack

Pickens Lindsay

Polly Burleson

Preston Stone

Randolph Smith

Randy Boatwright

Randy Hoag

Rebecca Heaton

Reno Wilson

Richard Imershein

Richard Jaynes

Richard Moncrief

Rick Clark

Rita Bolt Barker

Rob Clayton

Rob Hubbard

Rob Lowery

Robert Holmes

Robert Ricketts

Robin Watson

Ron Young

Rose McDonald

Roy Welsh

Rush Lowther

Russ Madray

Rusty Guill

Sam Konduros

Sam McGregor

Sam Williams

Sammy Blackman

Sandy Edge

Scott Frierson

Scott Melzer

Scott Powell

Shaughnessy Mullen

Shipp Daniel

Spencer Lovelace

Stan Yarborough

Stassen Thompson

Steven Craig

Suzanne Spaulding Turner

Taze L. Senn

Taylor Horton

Ted Swann

Terry Long

Thomas Hunter

Thomas Kapp

Thomas Meyers

Tigue Garick

Tim Brady

Tim Fowler

Tim Kennedy

Tom Skelton

Ginny Skelton

Tom Lynch

Tommy Burleson

Tony Greene

Tony Mayne

Tory Watson

Trent Allen

Trevor Adair

Trey Mills

Trip Lawton

Trip Muldro

Tripp Shealy

Van Hilderbrand

Van Hilderbrand, Jr.

Verna Howell

Walter W. Farrell

Walt F. Farrell

Ward Buzzell

Wayne Coffman

Wes Long

West McAdams

West Cox

Wil Brasington

Will Cook

Will Merritt

Will Young

William Beaver

William Emory

William Marscher

William Simpson

Witt Langstaff

Zac Doyle

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