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The Tiger Paw, also referred to as "the Paw", is the emblem for Clemson University. In 1969, Clemson President at the time, Robert Cook Edwards, wanted "to upgrade the image of the university" as part of the transition from head football coach Frank Howard to new head football coach Hootie Ingram for the 1970 football season. The emblem was developed by Henderson Advertising in Greenville, South Carolina in Spring 1970 and was unveiled on July 21st, 1970. The Clemson paw is unique because it was taken from a cast of an actual Bengal tiger that was sent to Henderson Advertising from the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago at the request of lead designer John Antonio. The tiger that was used for the print had a scar on its paw. This scar, sometimes referred to as "the hook", made its way into the design and also serves as a copyright feature to prevent improper uses of Clemson's official emblem. As well as being more aesthetic than a vertical paw, the Tiger paw is strategically turned 30 degrees clockwise to 1 o'clock to represent the original kickoff time for Clemson home football games. Two iconic uses of the Tiger Paw are on the sides of the Clemson Football helmet and the Pavement Paws.

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