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[[category:Presidents of Clemson University]]
[[category:Presidents of Clemson University]]

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Walter T. Cox (photo courtesy of Clemson University)

President Emeritus Walter T. Cox (b. 1919 d. June 28, 2006) was a member of Clemson University's Class of 1939, and was the third alumnus to rise to the status of president (1985-1986). "Dean" Cox served Clemson in almost every role imaginable, from an offensive guard for the football team while a student, to the football team's line coach, from the baseball coach and ticket manager, to an assistant to the president and director of alumni affairs, from dean of students, to vice president for student affairs. Dean Cox gave his heart to Clemson and continued to be a student's best friend, even after his retirement, often seen around campus saying hello to fellow Tigers.

True to his nature, Dean Cox was dismounting Old Glory at the end of Flag Day on June 14 at his home on Folger Avenue, when he took a fall that put him in the hospital and began his final decline. Walter Cox passed away on June 28, 2006 in Greenville, and will be dearly missed by the entire Clemson family.

  • Walter T. Cox Boulevard, the portion of S.C. Route 93 that passes through the Clemson University campus, was named for him in June 2002.