Wayne Hart

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Wayne Hart was Clemson's eleventh head coach, leading the Tigers for one season in 1916.

Hart played tackle for three years at Georgetown University in the District of Columbia, then he moved down to Foggy Bottom to play for one year at the George Washington University. He was a member of the All-South Atlantic team for four years.

He was also an assistant coach at Georgetown. In 1913, he coached the Washington Vigilants, a professional football team and did not lose a game. The last two seasons before arriving at Clemson, he coached various sports at Technical High School in Washington, D.C.

In Hart's single season at Clemson, he coached nine games for a 3-6 record, and a .333 winning percentage, the third lowest in Clemson football history.

Preceded by: Bob Williams Clemson University Football Coaches Succeeded by: Edward Donahue