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Welborn Bus Lines, Inc. was a motor bus common carrier in operation from the 1940s to the 1970s (at least) that was home-based at Donaldson Center in Greenville, South Carolina in its later years. Operating a mixed fleet of Greyhound-style General Motors/MCI coaches and Trailways-style Silver Eagle model 01s, Welborn offered "vacation travel planning, individual & group tours, charter busses (sic) & service", according to their yellow pages advert in the October 1979 Southern Bell telephone directory. Their color-scheme was a Trailways-like white with red trim and lettering over silver sides. Their operation received mixed reviews from customers. After the disastrous experience of Tiger Band on the roadtrip to Jacksonville for the 1977 Gator Bowl, (bathrooms not pumped out at Jax, broken seats on board, tire failure en route back to Clemson), Welborn was not invited to bid on the 1978 band contract, and Greyhound took over for the next several years. Eventually, Welborn would go out of business. It may have changed its name to "Travelways" in its last years of operation, but the author has not yet confirmed this.

Their one inch by two inch box ad in the listings advised the reader to "Call Collect - 277-6713".

The volume "South Carolina - The WPA Guide to the Palmetto State", compiled by the Workers of the Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in the State of South Carolina, copyright 1941, and republished by the University of South Carolina Press in 1988, noted that the Greenville bus station located at 105 West Washington Street was served by Atlantic Greyhound, Eagle Bus, Red Top, and "Welborne Bus Lines." (Page 242).

On-line records of Flxible Clipper intercity bus serial numbers show two Clippers, Model 29B147, c/n 8025, and Model 33B148, c/n 8933, sold to Welborn Bus Lines of Liberty, South Carolina. Flxible built Clipper models from 1937 to 1942, and resumed production, 1944 to 1950.


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