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Dr. Rupert Howard "Rube" Fike, from Spartanburg, South Carolina, a member of the Class of 1908 in the Agricultural and Animal Industry Course, was instrumental in founding IPTAY and held IPTAY member Number 1.

While a Cadet, he was involved with the Senior Dancing Club; Glee Club; Veterinary Science Club; The Tiger staff; the 1908 TAPS staff; was Prosecuting Critic, Reporting Critic, Vice-President and Corresponding Secretary of the Columbian Literary Society; Chief High Truth Twister of the Ananias Club; as well as Class Prophet and Class Poet.

From the 1908 TAPS, Volume One: "Cheeky 'Rube,' the noisy rambler of the class, may very appropriately be designated one hundred and seventy pounds of pure and unadulterated nerve. This musical mountaineer has a holy horror of Pendleton, S. C., for reasons best known to himself. For his distinguished appearance, he owes more to his prominent eyes and bushy black hair than to his huge feet." (Page 17)

"Rube" Fike died October 30, 1956.

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