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Albert Cleveland Corcoran, from Charleston, South Carolina, was a member of the Class of 1919, and received his B.S. in Textile Engineering. He is notable for writing the lyrics to the Clemson Alma Mater.

While a Cadet, Corcoran held the ranks of Private, Sergeant, 1st Lieutenant and Major. He participated in the Carolina Literary Society as Sergeant-at-Arms, Censor, Prosecuting Critic, Recording Secretary and President; he served as both Junior Literary Editor and Literary Editor for the Chronicle; Chief Literary Editor for the TAPS 1919 staff; Junior Class Football Team; Bible Class; Ex-Shave Tail Club; Secretary and Treasurer for the Charleston County Club; Picked Platoon, Plattsburg Training Camp; Society Orator's Medal (1917); commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant in the U. S. Army while at Plattsburg, New York.

Said his Senior biography in TAPS 1919: " 'Allie' has fittingly been called the genius of the class, and his record in the many student activities in which he has engaged is an enviable one. As a poet and a story writer, he has won great praise from his comrades, but it seems that he treasures most of al the heart won to him by his wonderful pen. His very life is one of love, and is so because he himself has realized that the glory of life is to love and give.

"In literary society work Albert has merited and won the highest honors. Besides successfully competing in several oratorical and debating contests, he, as its president, skillfully piloted his society back to its rightful position after it had been disorganized during the days of the S. A. T. C." (Page 37)

In the February 25, 1919 issue of The Tiger (Volume XIV, Number 17), Corcoran was thanked for his contribution. "AN APPRECIATION"

Clemson at last has an "Alma Mater" which she can sing in praise of her heroes. To the author of this song we wish to extend our hearty thanks and deepfelt appreciation. In this small way, we, the Corps of Cadets, endeavor to show him that we are glad that there is a man among us who has both genius and spirit and who is willing to use it for his college.
To A. C. Corcoran we extend our thanks and appreciation for his work and, most of all, for his "Alma Mater." (Page 1.)

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