Addison Brooks Carwile

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Addison Brooks Carwile, from Abbeville, South Carolina, was a member of the Class of 1916 with a major in Soils.

During his studies at Clemson Agricultural College, he served as a Corporal, Regimental Quartermaster-Sergeant, and was a Major in the Corps his senior year. His activities included the Y. M. C. A. Cabinet in 1916; Representative to the State Sunday School Convention; Representative to the Blue Ridge Conference; President of the Humdingers; Prohibition Society in 1915, and Vice-President of it in 1916; Lecture reporter for The Tiger (1916); Secretary and Treasurer and Superintendent for the Chapel Sunday School; President of Professor Bradley's Sunday School Class; Treasurer of the Agricultural Society;Recording Secretary, Chaplain and Vice-President of the Calhoun Literary Society; Orator for the Society (1916); Bible Class Leader (1915-1916) and Junior The Tiger Committeeman (1915).

TAPS 1916, Volume Nine, says the following: "This young Demosthenes came three whoops and a holloa from Abbeville. In this case, the time element in Darwin's theory of evolution has been clipped to a minimum; for, in four years, he has changed from a green country lad to a student of some repute. 'AD' is a boy who prizes the friendship of his college-mates, and uses his power to make his fellow-men happy. He will go out from College doing much good unto the world."

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