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Ancheaux's is located on the main strip of downtown Clemson, on College Ave. Excellent burgers, sandwiches, but most known for their very large, handmade burritos. Besides the burritos, the Black Jack is the most popular sandwich. This sandwich consists of blackened chicken with Monterrey Jack cheese and bacon. Ancheaux's also offers a wide variety of vegetarian fair including humus wraps, an avocado sandwich and a grilled zucchini sandwich. Homemade chips and fries with a decent supply of hot sauces. Some customers have chosen to make something creative with their burrito's tin foil wrapper, and their efforts can be found in a display case.

Be warned. Ancheaux's is not open on Saturdays after 4pm and is not open at all on Sundays. Not realizing this could result in wasted salivation and a wasted trip.

[edit] Address

Ancheaux Downtown
378 College Ave
Clemson, SC 29631
(864) 654-6060

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