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Antonio Lorenzo Clay (born June 19, 1987) is a professional indoor football linebacker for the Kansas Koyotes of the Champions Professional Indoor Football League (CPIFL).




40 Time: 4.6 (unofficially)

Broad Jump:1st:9"2 2nd:9"8

Vertical Jump:30 2nd: 31.5 T-4th

Bench Press: (14 reps)

Tested great on the cone & bag drills

-August 1 with Cowboys and (preseason) scrimmage game, scheduled for Sunday, August 8 Cincinnati vs. Dallas, 7 p.m. on NBC. This is the Hall of Fame game - in NFL Preseason Hall of Fame Game, in 2010. Clay was a participant in the NFL Scouting Combine for the Dallas Cowboys LB prospect in 2010. Clay had a discussion with the Dallas Cowboys during his Pro Day workout at Clemson University in 2010. Clay played in the National Football Conference (NFC) with the Cowboys. The Dallas Cowboys spoke to Antonio Clay that year before they went to the on-field drills, about how he was looking as a contender for a spot on Dallas' roster for 2010. Clay said, he gave a "yes" for his answer from what I heard." Antonio Clay stopped on the (premises) of Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium, ready and calm, to discuss his new deal, in 2010. Heard Antonio Clay had practice or preseason scrimmage (shoulder pads helmets) the first day he arrived at AT&T Stadium just in time for Dallas Cowboys' offseason training after April 10, 2010. Antonio Clay AT&T Stadium Parking Lot Footage Antonio Clay was on the Dallas Cowboys practice squad for a years, in 2010. Counting the warming up 1x135lbs, Antonio Clay on the bench press, caculating all the weight lifted, he was in on 16 reps, with an power index of 16.oo1 (rep max), at his Pro Day in 2010, just hitting the (14 reps mark). Before, I started the bench press, at the Clemson Football Pro Day 2010, I kind of felt like I could have did 16-17 reps, easy, but I ended up doing about 17 reps, said, Antonio Clay. Clay was on Dallas Cowboys practice squad in 2010, working with the Dallas Cowboys. He was projected, in the first round pick in the NFL, in 2007. Clemson Pro Day 2010 bench press, after 14th repatitions going to 16reps, Clay was in on, 16 reps. Clay did 22th reps in college, ask Joey Batson. He jumped a 31.5 inches, on the vertical leap in 2010. Jumped a 30 inches vertcal on first attempt in 2010.'s Sophomore All-America Team 2006 (Honorable Mention) selection, and WRAL Midseason All-ACC Team 2006 (Honorable Mention) selection. The ACC Player of the Week against #13 Georgia Tech, in 2006. The NFL Scouting Combine 2010. He was a undrafted free agent, in the [2009 NFL Draft] NFL practice squad players make a minimum of $6,000 per week they are on the practice squad. The Dallas Cowboys practice four times in a week, in 2014. Three weeks done, with the Dallas Cowboys will make his salary, at least, $18,000 for earning swhile on team's active practice squad roster, for the would be, Dallad Cowboys 3rd Round, (15th) Pick, in the NFL Supplemental Draft 2010. Practice squad players are players considered, being on NFL practice squad for at least 3 weeks. Sure, glad I stayed in Texas, for those 3 weeks practicing, stated Clemson LB Antonio Clay. Antonio Clay participated in the NFL Scouting Combine 2009, at the Pro Day with Clemson, where he was scretching and getting ready, for events leading up to the draft, 40 yard dash, vertical jump, broad jump, 225lbs bench press,and on field drills, after checking in at the front desk for registration, Clay began strecthing with Eagle's former linebacker Keith Adams, counting everthing, Clay was in on 16 reps on the bench press before stopping, in The NFL Scouting Combine 2010, repatitions, Though as Clay began the sit and reach test in 2009, it looked like he attempted a pretty good measurement, and then sat and waited to began the Pro Day workout that year, but did not workout, afterwards, outside the Clemson's Pro Day, where Clay was talking on his cell phone, talking about how he was sitting the rest of tests out, and not completing the Pro Day workout, in 2009. Antonio Clay also was with the Badalona Dragons (Dracs) in 2014. Clay worked out with the [Hamilton Tiger-Cats] in the Canadian Football League (CFL) in 2009 & was scheduled to work out with the [Montreal Alouettes], in the same year. Clay worked with the British Columbia Lions, in and 2010. He also has experience working with the Calgary Stampeders (CFL) in 2010 and 2012. Clay, participated in the Clemson Pro Day 2010. Clay played in the Southern Indoor Football League (SIFL) in 2011, working under, Team Quest Inc. He joined with the [West Texas Roughnecks] in the Indoor Football League (IFL) in 2010 where he was in the Top 10 IFL rookies, to sign to the Indoor Football League (IFL) in 2010, in the Lone Star Division and the Lone Star Football League (LSFL) in 2012. Antonio Clay played with the [Kansas Koyotes] in the Champions Professional Indoor Football League (CPIFL) in 2014. Antonio Clay just had workout with the Spokane Shock Arena Football League (AFL) 2014 in Marietta, Georgia. The coaches there said, Clay's experience overmatched other people he compete with in the AFL and he wanted to invite him to Spokane Shock Arena Football League (AFL) team mini camp in Spokane, Washington 2015 .


Experience: R


Tackles: 1


TFL: 0

Sacks: 0.0

INTs: 0


Status: Retired (CPIFL), traded to Spokane Shock (AFL) 2015