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What follows is a short compilation of CT's history. To truly be a "Regular" on Clemsontalk, one must be familiar with most of these threads. These are the discussions that are most often referred to by long-time users, and include some of the biggest drama bombs the forum has ever seen. Others are just popular threads that led to interesting discussions, or examples of extreme hilarity.


  • The "Hottest CT Chick" Poll, Fall 2005 Edition: If you've ever wondered what the CT ladies look like, this is the best thread to check out. May be replaced by a more up-to-date thread down the road.
  • Glitch in the Matrix: Short and sweet. The first page of this thread is one of the simplest and yet most hilarious gags on CT.
  • The Official Open Letter Thread: Great open letters to everyone who irritates us.
  • The Movie Review Thread: Ongoing, constantly-updated thread for movie reviews, analyses, criticism and debate between CTers. (Spawned a similar thread for book reviews)
  • Welcome Back Caption Contest: Considered by many to be one of the most hilarious threads to ever appear on Clemsontalk. This Caption Contest containted photos from Clemson's "Welcome Back" festival, stolen off of the main Clemson website and ridiculed mercilessly by CT's finest.
  • The Great Pirate War of 2005: A hilarious thread between users Tomahawk and StevenZ. Given the high rate of gas prices at the time, it was determined that being a pirate was the only profitable occupation for the future, and both users thought they'd make better leaders.
  • The CT Statistics Thread: A thread devoted to user mtownse's excellent scripting skills and data collection of vary posting statistics for CT users.
  • Clemson Soap: The gory hazing of an infrequent poster who shows up unfamiliar with the dark underbelly of Anything Goes during the climax of sarcastic posting and troll activity on CT.

Photo Threads

  • The Official Picture Thread for StevenZ's Parties: There were an incredible number of CT parties during the Fall 2005 semester, and this thread contains photos from most of them.
  • User Photo Gallery 2: The longest thread devoted to user photos (See also: 1, 3, and 4, and The New Photo Thread). These threads ruin some of the anonymity of posting on an online forum, and they allow users to be more familiar with each other, or at least recognize each other offline.
  • The Red Head Appreciation Thread (NSFW): A thread devoted entirely to beautiful redheads, either clothed or not. (Spawned several clone threads, including one for brunettes and one for goths)
  • Post Cute Things Here: A thread where users can post adorable pictures of baby animals. It sounds simple, but this thread has become extraordinarily popular.

Drama Bombs

  • The Infamous CoolChicken Thread: This is the thread that made CoolChicken and his blog famous. Whenever CTers talk about USC, football, or blogging, they often make jokes about CoolChicken's behavior in this thread.
  • The Dr. Claw Scandal: In the Spring of 2005, the fake anti-war rally hosted by Dr. Claw (Caulfield) because a gigantic drama bomb on CT. This is the longest of several threads created during the ordeal.
  • Fuck You, You're Cool, I'm Out: User spreadthephish's final post and final thread, the culmination of months of drama between him, Boss, and humicroav. This thread title (a quote from "Half Baked") is one of the most often repeated phrases on CT.
  • The "Somewhere On Campus She Exists" Thread (NSFW): This thread, more than any other on CT, shows off the excellent stalking skills of certain CT members. This thread developed into a drama bomb when it was discovered that somebody on CT actually knew the pictured girl and confronted her about it.
  • The Tiger Town Observer AK47 Raffle: Half drama bomb, half RP&P debate. This thread chronicles the events leading up to and following the Observer's controversial raffle in the Spring of 2006. Special guest appearances by protesters and members of various gun advocacy forums. Neither Caulfield nor Alcibiades223 personally contributed to this thread because both were banned beforehand.
  • 100 Reasons to Hate Mtownse: It started as a simple list of grievances, but it evolved into an excellent drama bomb between Townse and Popsicle, who were both convinced that the other wanted to date them.
  • CT Sucks: When user VRStone87 takes trolling too far, he accidently draws unwanted attention from DCIT to the Optix filesharing forum, which causes various members of Optix to flood CT in a mild panic.


  • Intelligent Design is not looking good.: One of the longest discussions to ever occur in the RP&P forum. This thread chronicles the debate between intelligent design and evolution and where each belongs in the school curriculum.
  • The "Christian Pervert" Thread: Calling someone a "christian pervert" has become one of the biggest cliches on Clemsontalk, and it all originated from this thread. This is where the legendary troll csheiffer finally met the banhammer.
  • Rename Tillman Hall: The single longest RP&P debate in Clemsontalk's history: a simple argument about racism and the necessity, or lack thereof, for renaming monuments named after racists of the past.
  • 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: It started as a simple discussion about a ridiculous WTC conspiracy theory, but when a bunch of non-student new users register to defend the conspiracy theory, it inspires Jeff the Great to administer one of the most brutal beatdowns ever given in CT history.

Forum Games

  • StevenZ and Epipsychidion Define and Review Everything: When this thread was created, it quickly became the fastest growing thread in CT history, hitting several hundred replies within an hour. Began in Anything Goes, but was moved to Forum Games.
  • Get In The Final Word: The longest thread on Clemsontalk, a ridiculously pointless spamfest, and a lot of fun to contribute to.

+1 Threads

  • What Are You Listening to Right Now?: One of CT's biggest +1 threads, this thread has gained such notoriety that there is a high chance that you will get neg rep just from posting in it
  • Post Your Reputation Comments: A gigantic +1 thread where users can post any reputation comments they have received so they can easily look them up in the future. This thread hosts plenty of rep debates and drama bombs, as well.
  • Jarethinafrock is Drunk: A thread where users can randomly talk about what they are drinking at the moment and, rarely, post while drunk for everybody's amusement.