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Big Dave's BBQ

Amazing barbecue in Clemson. Family run, by the former executive chef of the Dallas Cowboys. A have-to stop for anyone in Clemson! Dave Jones, a former Fountain Inn police officer with a background in psychology, was laid off in 1989 due to an accident which left him disabled for two years. His employer’s loss was barbecue lovers’ gain because he began cooking to fill some of the empty time on his hands. In August 1997, Jones opened a barbecue house under the name of Big Dave’s Famous BBQ & Catering Co. at 1618 White Horse Road, Greenville, giving Carolinians a chance to experience “barbecue gone Texas” without actually having to travel to the distant Longhorn state. The Clemson location opened in April 2007.

Big Dave's Clemson location closed circa May 2009. According to local patrons, the business was plagued by inconsistent product - great one time, but deficient the next...

Big Dave's Signature Catering
1060 Tiger Blvd (Hwy 123)
Clemson, SC 29631
Fax (864) 653-3534
Phone (864) 653-3535
Cell (864) 201-1830

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