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The Clemson House was originally built as a hotel, opening in 1950, replacing an old "boarding house" accommodation where many faculty bachelors lodged, located about where the Alumni Center now stands. The "C House" has a variety of room designs, including double-occupancy rooms, a few private rooms and apartments that accommodate two, three or four students. It is located across from Bowman Field and close to the Visitors Center. Space for 415 undergraduate students is available, although there are several hotel rooms still available on the 7th floor, and a penthouse suite on the 8th that is only accessible when being used (but there is always someone guarding the door while being used, so students cannot check it out). It is officially named the Joseph Laurie Young Penthouse for Joseph L. Young, FAIA, Professor Emiritus, whose apartment in room 705 was an intellectual gathering place for fifty years. Professor "Joe" was the first resident to move into the new building in 1950 and the last permanent resident to move out, in 2000.

During filming of The Midnight Man, several actors (including Burt Lancaster) stayed in the penthouse suite.

The Tiger Fitness and study area of the basement once housed a lounge called "Tiger Tavern" - paint remnants are above the doors, in front of the rear stairway to the left of the exterior barber shop entrance.

Public radio station WEPR-FM was broadcast from tiny studios off the lobby of the Clemson House throughout the 1970s, giving the National Public Radio outlet for the Upstate a Clemson-based signal. In one of the worst decisions of Clemson President Bill Atchley's tenure, he decided that there was no reason why Clemson should support both WSBF-FM and WEPR-FM and let the NPR-affiliate station license go to Spartanburg. It was a sad day when when the satellite dishes behind the C House were packed off to Sparkle City.


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