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The CSS (Confederate States Ship) Calhoun was built in 1851 at New York as the Cuba; she was commissioned as a privateer by the Confederates on May 15, 1861. Named for John C. Calhoun (1782-1850), of South Carolina, a leading proponent of States' rights. He served his State and country with distinction in the House of Representatives 1811-1817, and as Secretary of War 1817-1825, Vice President 1825-1832, Senator 1832-1844 and 1845-1850, and Secretary of State 1844-1845.

Turned over to the United States Marshal at New Orleans, Louisiana, on 6 May 1864, Calhoun was sold on 4 June to the Union Army. She served as the Army steamer General Sedgewick for the rest of the Civil War. Sold in 1865, she regained her old name and had a long subsequent career as the SS Calhoun.

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