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The Cheerleaders are the primary Clemson University spirit squads and consisted for many decades as a Varsity and Junior Varsity team of students who appear at all Clemson sporting events and other university functions. Varsity members were generally selected during try-outs from those who had served on the JV squad. In recent years the cheerleaders have been revised as the all-girl squad and a coed squad.

Squads by year:

  • 1915-1916: (The earliest year that the annual depicts a pair of "Cheer Leaders", albeit without identification.) Marion Carlisle Green (listed under his Senior year activities), one unidentified (TAPS 1916, pages 47, 174.)
  • 1916-1917: [J. M.(?)] "Pie" Bruce, Albert Iasertell "Peg" Norman (TAPS 1917, Volume Ten, page 156.)
  • 1917-1918: Joseph Walter Herring, Fletcher Ruff Kuykendal (TAPS 1918, Volume 11, page unnumbered.)
  • 1919-1920: Uriel Xerxes "X" Cullum, Alfred Harshaw "Count" Dula, John Peterman "Red" Voight, Harry Chandler "Hooks" Walker, John Laurens "Bus" Young (TAPS 1920, Volume XIII, page 155.)
  • 1920-1921: Benjamin Cliffton Cobb, Edwin Jones Freeman, Jr., George Addison Harrison, James Pinckney Kinard, Jr. (TAPS 1921, Volume XIV, page 167.)
  • 1921-1922: Edwin Jones Freeman, Jr., Ralph Thomas Halstead, Head cheerleader - James Pinkney Kinard, Jr., Ellison Adger Smyth III, Rufus Broaddus Werts. (TAPS 1922, Volume XV, page 189.)
  • 1922-1923: Elbert "Eb" Wier Copeland, Jr., William Worthington Spearman, Rufus Broaddus Werts, Joe ____ (TAPS 1923, Volume XVI, page 193.)
  • 1923-1924: _____ Clark, Elbert "Eb" Wier Copeland, Jr., _____ Smith, William Worthington Spearman (TAPS 1924, Volume XVII, page unnumbered.)
  • 1924-1925: Thomas Edwin "Ed" Goodale, Paul Graves, Thomas Gilbert "T. G." Jackson, Jack McDonald "Jack" Law (TAPS 1925, Volume XVIII, page 180.)
  • 1925-1926: "Shine", Jack McDonald "Jack" Law, "Jack", "Jake" (TAPS 1926, Volume XIX, page 199.)
  • 1926-1927: "Ezra", "Shine", "Ray", Millard Baker "Speck" Farrar (TAPS 1927, Volume XX, page 215.)
  • 1927-1928: Clarence Holland "Ickey" Albright, "Sleepy" Caughman, Frank Burdick "Gator" Farr, Millard Baker "Speck" Farrar, Brodus Ray Richey, Alston Groves "Ghat" Thompson (TAPS 1928, Volume XXI, page unnumbered.) Also listed in TAPS 1931 for this year: Samuel Tilden McDowell, Jr.
  • 1928-1929: Clarence Holland "Ickey" Albright - Head Cheerleader, James Wesley "Fuzz" Burdette, Frank Burdick "Gator" Farr, J.C. Jack Ligon, Samuel Tilden "Steedy" McDowell, Jr., Alston Groves "Ghat" Thompson (TAPS 1929, Volume XXII, page 246.)
  • 1929-1930: Frank Burdick "Gator" Farr - Head Cheerleader, Marion Bristol Evans, Samuel Tilden McDowell, Jr., S. H. Moore, W. J. Neely, Robert Nicholas Smith (TAPS 1930, Volume XXIII, page 225.)
  • 1930-1931: L. E. Chachere, Marion Bristol Evans, J. H. Graves, Samuel Tilden McDowell, Jr., J. N. Nathans, W. J. Neely (TAPS 1931, Volume XXIV, page 211.)
  • 1933-1934: (Partial) Samuel Clarence Dean (TAPS 1936, Volume XXIX, page unnumbered.)
  • 1934-1935: William David Allen - head cheerleader, R. C. Anderson, Paul Edward Bowie, Jr. and Samuel Clarence Dean. (TAPS 1935, Volume 28, page 230.)
  • 1935-1936: John Holman "Bubber" Dawson, Samuel Clarence Dean, Harry A. "Rah Rah" Merritt, and Patrick Henry "Pat" Starr. (TAPS 1936 Volume XXIX, page unnumbered.)
  • 1936-1937: Harry A. "Rah Rah" Merritt, John William "Ripper" Murray, Jr., Ernest R. "Smitty" Smith, and Patrick Henry "Pat" Starr. (TAPS 1937, Volume XXX, page 244.)
  • 1937-1938: A. J. DeLoach, John William "Ripper" Murray, Jr., Raymond Anderson Sloan, and Ernest R. "Smitty" Smith. (TAPS 1938, page 266.)
  • 1938-1939: Raymond Anderson Sloan - head cheerleader, John Leonard Almeida, and William Harris Manning. (TAPS 1939, page 278.)
  • 1939-1940: John Leonard Almeida, Hampton Nathaniel "Fritz" Dent, Jr., William Harris "The Third" Manning, and Howard Christel "Ritzy" Zerbst. (TAPS 1940, page 278.)
  • 1942-1943: Louis Bradham, Beverly Freeman, Wilie Hogue, Ed Kellet, Charlie McCarthy, C. D. Parker. (The Tiger, "Hogue To Head Cheering", Thursday 15 October 1942, Volume XXXVIII, Number 5, page 6.) (TAPS, 1943, page 266.)
  • 1945-1946: "Whitie" Whitehead - head cheerleader, Harold Striebich - assistant head cheerleader, "Charlie" Doolittle, "Norefleet" Harte, David Banks, "Clown" Dixon, "Duna" Godfrey, and Johnny Wessinger. (The Tiger, Wednesday, 7 November 1945, Volume XXXIX, Number 27, page 3.)
  • 1950-1951: Ted Cochran, Grady Daniel, Willie Fabian, Gabby Hayes, Dave Moorhead, Pete Ward, Spade Yeager. (TAPS 1951, Volume XLI, page 258.)
  • 1952-1953: George U. Bennett, R. E. Calhoun, James T. Green, James F. Humphries, Leslie G. McCraw, Jr., Grenville D. Morgan; Head cheerleader is Dave Moorhead. (TAPS 1953, Volume XLIII, page 215.)
  • 1953-1954: Edward G. Andrews, George U. Bennett, James T. Green, James F. Humphries, Leslie G. McCraw, Jr., Richard "Dickie" A. McMahan, Grenville D. Morgan, Clifton D. Wright; Head cheerleader is Dave Moorhead. (TAPS 1954, Volume XLIV, page 221.)
  • 1954-1955: Edward G. Andrews, James F. Humphries, Jimmy Jones, Leslie G. McCraw, Jr., Powers McElveen, Fletcher Smoak; Head cheerleader is George Bennett. (TAPS 1955, Volume XLV, page 219.) Gabby Hayes is the first student to wear the Tiger costume.
  • 1955-1956: (First year women were on the squad) John Duffie, Dick Flowers, Jimmy Humphries, Jimmy Jones, Les McCraw, Powers McElveen, Orlando Perez, Fletcher Smoak, Charlotte Beckley, Rachel Cole, Theresa Kelly; Head cheerleader is Eddie Andrews. (TAPS 1956, Volume XLVI, page 281.)
  • 1956-1957: J. J. Britton, John Duffie, Jimmy Jones, Orlando Perez, Fletcher Smoak, Tony Vickers, Charlotte Beckley, Shirley Driver, and Joyce Pitts. (TAPS 1957, Volume XLVII, page 210.)
  • 1957-1958: (Partial) Erwin Abell, Martin Anderson, J. J. Britton, Ya Ya Segars, Fletcher Smoak, Tony Vickers, Barbara Dillard, Beryl Herndon, Tiger is Tommy Grant. (TAPS 1958, Volume XLVIII, pages 186, 193.)
  • 1959-1960: Head cheerleader is Erwin Abell. (TAPS 1960, page 307.)
  • 1960-1961: Winston Fowler, Steve Long, Billy McCown, Bo Shaw, Paul Wright, Judy DeLoach, Ann Sherman, Margaret Thompson; Head cheerleader is Joe Bagwell, the Country Gentleman is Micky Costas, and the Tiger is Steve Morrison. (TAPS, Volume LI, page 390.)
  • 1961-1962: Stephen Long - Head cheerleader, Tatum Gressette, Lewis Kay, Steve Morrison, Warren Scoville, Bow Shaw, Chic Williams, Frances Mitchell, Ammie Owings and Anne Sherman. (TAPS 1962, Volume 52, page 456.)
  • 1962-1963: Tatum Gresette - Head cheerleader, Lloyd Kapp, Steve Long, Steve Morrison, Bruce Tyson, Cynthia Byrd, Linda LaGrone, Ammie Owings. (TAPS 1963, Volume 53, page 202.)
  • 1963-1964: Marty Driggers, Bruce Tyson, Cynthia Byrd, Joy Culver, Susan Moore; Head cheerleader - Tommy Page; the Tiger - Jerry Burton; Country Gentleman - Ken Bolt; cannoneer - Bob Trogden. (TAPS 1964, Volume 54, page 202.)
  • 1964-1965: Ken Bolt, Edwin Dargan, Marty Driggers, Lloyd Kapp, Danny O'Steen, Richard Papini, Gray Walsh, Ande Mitchell, Janis Moore, Susan Moore. (TAPS 1965, Volume 55, page 214.)
  • 1965-1966: Edwin Dargan, Walt Harvey, Doug McKamey, Danny O'Steen, Gray Walsh, Fizzie Jackson, Ande Mitchell, Janis Moore, Susan Moore; Head cheerleader - Marty Driggers, Country Gentleman - Robin Watson, Tiger - Poagie Reid, Cannoneer - Pete Hoffman. (TAPS 1966, Volume 56, page 227.)
  • 1966-1967: Edwin Dargan, John Ellenburg, Doug McKamey, Dave Merry, Harry Tinsley, Trinia Martin, Ande Mitchell, Susan Moore and Shelley White. Head cheerleader - Robin Watson, the Tiger - John Welborn, Country Gentleman - Jamie Roets, Cannoneer - Pete Moxon. (TAPS 1967, Volume 57, page 253.)
  • 1968-1969: Randy Basemore, Jim Douglass, Dick Merrick, Jeff Lapin, Pete Moxon, Judy Corn, Judi Kossler, Cathy Moss, Darra Williamson. Head cheerleader is Dave Merry, the Tiger is Bob Dodson, and the Country Gentleman is Bob Wilder. (TAPS 1969, Volume 59, page 47.)
  • 1974-1975: Varsity cheerleaders (by pairs): Jetty Young and Green Johnson, Phyllis Corker and Jim Spivey, Martha Lynn Morris and Walter Spires, Carol Ann Gerdon and Keith Crawford, Sheri Costa and Chip Smith, Kathy Dayhood and Peter Grant; Head cheerleader - David Vaughn, cannon - David Baird--Kdcfit 00:54, 16 August 2009 (EDT), Tiger - Tony Saad. (Clemson football program.)
  • 1976-1977: David Baird, Allen Blackmon, Joey Erwin, Billy Jordan, Steve Klengson, Jim Mehserle, Woody Thompson, Sheri Costa, Aline Crews, Alice Gorena, Pam Hutson, Amy Johnson, Cathy Pool. Head cheerleader is Tony Saad, the Tiger is George Langstaff. J.V. cheerleaders are Gene Beckman, Fulton Breen, Robert Burton, Darryl Cook, Terry Hall, Greg Malcolm, Bruce Mathis, Colin Richmond, Jan Hawkins, Mary Hill, Sara Jones, Kathy Nims, Cindy McDowell, Jan Rushton and Kathy Watts. (TAPS 1977, Volume 67, pages 396, 415.)
  • 1977-1978: Fulton Breen, Chris Carter, Joey Erwin, Terry Hall, Steve Klengson, Jim Mehserle, Colin Richmond, Aline Crews, Alice Gorena, Mary Hill, Cathy Pool, Jan Rushton and Kathy Watts. Head cheerleader is George Langstaff, and the Tiger is Randall Addison. J.V. cheerleaders are Joe Barna, Thom Brown, Red Cook, Clark Curry, Steve Deconti, Bill Newell, Tony Pichirallo, Steve Trotman, Mary Barnes, Carol Corley, Cindy McDowell, Lynn Peck, Robin Russell and Julie Stephens. The J.V. Tiger is Dave Rheney. (TAPS 1978, Volume 68, page 365.)
  • 1978-1979: Varsity: (by pairs) Lynn Peck and Bill Newell, Vicki Woy and Steve DeConti, Susan Hall and Roy Majors, Mary Hill and Chris Carter, Cindy McDowell and Tommy Brown, Mary Barnes and Clark Curry. David Rheney, the Tiger Zack Mills, head cheerleader Joey Erwin. (TAPS 1979, Volume 69, page 424.)
  • 1979-1980: Varsity cheerleaders: (by pairs) Bill Newell and Jennifer Hemphill, Cindy McDowell and Mark Barhyte, Clark Curry and Mary Barnes, Bill Beaver and Mary Hill, Richard Andrews and Vicki Woy, Roy Majors and Lynn Peck; Tommy "T" Brown - head cheerleader, Zack Mills - the Tiger, Chuck Pinion - cannoneer. (TAPS 1980, Volume 70, page 433.) J.V. cheerleaders are Chris Archer, Matt Brandel, Bill deBorde, Bart Garrison, Barry Hieser, Chris Knight, Matt Middlebrook, Eddie West, Kelly Evans, Kathy Hassig, Johnna Herring, Karen Lawing, Sherrie Nix and Julie Stephens. (TAPS 1980, Volume 70, page 411.)
  • 1980-1981: Varsity: Richard Andrews, Mark Barhyte, Bill Beaver, Bill deBorde, Bill Granger, Chris Knight, Bill Newell, Kathy Hassig, Jennifer Hemphill, Sherri Nix, Julie Stephens, Vicki Woy, Tiger Ricky Capps. J.V. cheerleaders are David Castleberry, George Davis, Scott Galloway, Bart Garrison, Matt Middlebrooks, David Pinion, Denton Stargel, Kelly Evans, Tish Faon, Pat Hook, Mary McNeill and Sherry Thrift. Tiger is Russell Ragan. (TAPS, 1981, page 389.)
  • 1981-1982: Varsity: (by pairs) Sherrie Nix and Russell Ragan, Jennifer Hemphill and Bill Grainger, Karen Lawing and George Helmrich, Pat Hook and David Pinion, Kathy Anderson and Scott Galloway, Mary McNeil and Rick Conte; Ricky Capps - Tiger, Mark Barhyte - head cheerleader, Danny Pechthalt - cannoneer. J.V. cheerleaders are (by pairs) Arian Roberts and George Davis, Kim Campbell and Chip Carter, Vicki Pierce and Randy Faile, Beth Cousins and Randy Deas, Sheryl Pitts and Johnny Peden, Sherry Thrift and Dave Castleberry; Bill Goudelock - head cheerleader, Alex Sipkes - Tiger. (TAPS 1982, Volume 72, page 304.)
  • 1982-1983: Varsity cheerleaders are David Castleberry, Rick Conte, George Davis, Bill Goudelock, George Helmrich, Johnny Peden, David Pinion, Russell Ragan, Kathy Anderson, Beth Cousins, Pat Hook, Sheryl Pitts, Arian Roberts, and Sherry Thrift. Head cheerleader is Scott Galloway, and the Tiger is Randy Faile. The JV squad is (by pairs) Jay Watson and Donna Stevens, Luke Lucas and Sharon Shaefer, John Mixon and Julie Pickens, Danny Pechthalt and Gwen Baity, Woody Binnicker and Vickie Pierce, Bryan Garrison and Cindy Greene, Ray Morgan and Kim Campbell, Mark Eiford, Tiger Alex Sipkes. (TAPS, 1983, page 242.)
  • 1988-1989: Varsity cheerleaders are Trip Ballard - captain, Andy Beckworth, Stephanie Bowie, Beth Childress, Beth Clayton, Willie Frazier, Brad McFall - mic man, Lisa Miller, Susan Nanny, Amy Pitts, Kevin Ritchie, Todd Ritchie, Jeff Schwartz, Brock Thomas, and Dan Wyatt. The Tiger is Martin Lowry. (TAPS, 1989, page 368.)
  • 1999-2000: Cheerleaders are Brent Clark, Nick Willmore, Jamie Biering, Katrina Jackson, Jay Bruce, Melanie Reid.
  • 2011-2012: The Womens' squad is comprised of Hayes Bennett, Tiffani Brandon, Drue Lane Craft, Kate Doviak, Tayler Easton, Mary Anna Howell, Genevieve Johnson, Jalonna Kearney, Celeste Kelley, Auburn Lamb, Amber Meteraud, Catrina Morrison, Megan Pate, Erica Powell, Kristen Rivers, Caiti Rodriguez, Caitlin Smichowski, Taylor Stathes, Kelsey Starr and Shae Suber. The Coed squad is comprised of Andrea Bagley, Trent Brunson, Cessily Burris, Mary Ciccarelli, Will Clary, Alexa Gatarz, Paula Holder, Shayna Jackson, Nicole Lewis, Tyler Luckett, Sydney Marshall, Amanda Miller, Emily Nelson, Kylee Nelson, Peyton Player, Jenna Rojek, Shelley Smith, Daniel Stack, Hillary Thackston and Melissa Willis. (2011 Clemson Football Troy game program, 3 September 2011, page 86.)

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