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Chicken Express was a short-lived business, operating out of a canary yellow mobile vending cart on the patio in front of the City of Clemson Codes and Planning Administration building at 365 College Avenue, offering fresh, not pre-cooked, chicken dishes, all for $5.05, plus tax. Served either over rice or in a flatbread wrap with vegetables, the menu offered chicken tikka, cajun chicken, and chicken souvlaki, "an international selection," said owner Mohamed Salim Lahkpatwala. Iced soft drinks were available.

All food was prepared fresh, including the sauces. "Tiger sauce", a slightly spicy white sauce with an orange cast from the natural color of the pepper seasoning, was served on the side of dishes.

Lahkpatwala opened for business in Clemson on Tuesday, February 2, 2010, and as of February 12 was open Monday through Saturday, but planned to be open every day once the weather improved.

The owner, a native of India, learned to cook at his mother's knee from the age of eight. "I stirred the sauces," he said, laughing, "and I love to cook." He has spent many years in high-end restaurants including Marriott International, and has served as a wine sommalier. After a less-than-successful stint operating a carry-out in New Jersey, he relocated to the Upstate to open Chicken Express. A family business, he operated it with his wife.

Operating hours were 11 a.m. to between 9 and 10 p.m.

Unfortunately, business was apparently insufficient to stay in operation, for the enterprise ceased to appear on College Avenue by early summer 2010. Rumors of the new Indian restaurant which became The Bengal Tiger / Daawat Indian Cuisine in the old The Den location may have influenced his decision to move on.


Chicken Express
365 College Avenue
Clemson, South Carolina 29631