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Administrators are users who have certain additional permissions on the ClemsonWiki project. These permissions are:

1. Page Deletions 2. Blocking 3. Page Protection


On a site using MediaWiki software such as ClemsonWiki, all edits to all pages are recorded, and any version of a page can be viewed by users. Normal users cannot delete a page, merely erasing the content and saving the page only saves a blank version of the page. Administrators, however, have the power to delete pages, however even then the edits to the page are still kept, they simply are no longer visible to normal and anonymous users. However, Administrators have the capability to view deleted edits, and also to restore any deleted pages.


Administrators may block Usernames and IP addresses from editing on ClemsonWiki for a given time, ranging anywhere from a few seconds to an indefinite block.

Page protection[edit]

Administrators have the power to protect pages from being edited by normal and anonymous users, however other Administrators still have the capability to edit a protected page.

All actions reversible[edit]

An important thing to note is that all Administrative actions can be reversed, with the exception of Image deletions, which are permanent. Any Administrator can reverse the Administrative actions of any other Administrator.

List of Administrators[edit]

The following users currently have sysop privileges on ClemsonWiki:

  1. Victor (Bureaucrat) - founder of ClemsonWiki
  2. Levine (Bureaucrat) - currently inactive
  3. C. Mark Sublette (Bureaucrat) - responsible for most of the historical content, current events, recent news
  4. EssoTeddy
  5. Harksaw