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Lists are used on ClemsonWiki to help organize and present information on a given topic. Generally, the hierarchy and organization of Lists are similar to the Categories Hierarchy, with the difference that a List should contain a link to all the articles that should appear on a given subject, while a Category contains what articles have been written on a subject already. For example, List of Political Science Professors should theoretically be a list of every Political Science professor currently teaching, and a section on Professors emeritus. Each Professor's notation on the list should have a wikilink to an article, whether the article is written or not. That way, a contributor can look at the list and see what articles are yet to be written. In a Category, however, the Category should only contain what articles have been written.

How to Use Lists

Basically, the way to improve ClemsonWiki's coverage of a certain topic is to create a list of what articles should be in that topic, then go through and add the articles. For example, if you were a Performing Arts major, you might create a List of Performing Arts Professors, and then add every PA professor to the list, then go back through and add an article (or even a stub) about each professor. Then you might create a List of Performing Arts Courses, and add links to all the different courses taught by the Department. Using Lists in this manner helps organize what articles have been written and also are yet unwritten.

How can I help?

Easy! Just check out Category:Lists, find or create a List in a topic you're interested in, (such as your own major), then find an unwritten article in the List, and click on a redlink to create a new article!