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We need to create Info Boxes to make the organization of pages smoother and more uniform


So if someone knows how, perhaps they could show us. :) - Victor 18:17, 7 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Why I'm moving Professor articles around[edit]

So far it seems like professors and the occasional football coach are the only actual people on here with articles about them. I'm moving them from a format such as "Dr. Lastname Firstname" to "Firstname Lastname". This is more consistent with what Wikipedia does, though we are not bound to that. I just feel it's easier to be more consistent, and that way all biographical articles will have the same format, be they professor, or otherwise. This also makes it easier to insert links to Professors into articles, I can simply type [[Robert Geist]] and get Robert Geist, rather than needing to type [[Geist, Dr. Robert|Robert Geist]] and having to use a pipe link to get the same effect.I'm also removing the "Dr" from the article title, I feel its better for consistency to use just the name...a Professor might complete their PhD while teaching at Clemson and become a Dr. where they weren't before. The article's first sentence can say if they're a Professor or so and so. Also, eventually I'd like to do some cleanup on the Professor articles, but I reccoment their first sentence should read something like: *'''Dr. Firstname Lastname''' is an [[associate professor]] in the [[Computer Science]] Department. or *'''Professor Firstname Lastname''' is an [[adjunct professor]] in the [[Philosophy]] Department. so basically, say their name, what kind of professor they are (with a link to an article explaining what the heck an adjuct professor is, cause I don't know), and what Department they are in, with a link to the appropriate article about that Department. PS we need articles about all Departments. Cheers y'all! ~~~~

At the beginning, I was wondering how that should be done, but you've made good points, and I think you're right. I'll help fix some of them. -Vic 19:41, 20 Aug 2005 (EDT)


So I've reworked the {{Year}} template somewhat to try and make it easier to create new Year articles.

The next thing I'm going to work on, and I'd encourage others to pitch in on this, is to re-work the academic coverage, from the top down. I'm creating articles for each of the Colleges. For an example, see College of Architecture, Arts, and Humanities for an example. I think all articles about colleges should have the same basic opening, then go into more depth. Then I'm going to go back through and start working on articles for each of the Departments. I'm moving things around a bit with that too, such as moving Computer Science, Department of to Department of Computer Science, which is somewhat less awkward. Another issue is the use of an ampersand (&) or "and" for Departments with multiple subjects. What I'm trying to do there is go with that the Department website uses. I'm also trying to call Departments by what they describe themselves. For example, English is the English Department, not the Department of English, because that is what they use on the Departmental website. I also think it's good to go ahead and put "Department" in the title, because English is the "field" of all things dealing with English, whereas the English Department is an article about the English Department at Clemson. So if anyone would care to pitch in, and work on your own departments/colleges, by all means, do pitch in. Cheers! Evilphoenix 01:47, 21 Aug 2005 (EDT)