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'Clemson Weight Club - The Dungeon'

The Clemson Weight Club is a weightlifting and powerlifting organization that started in the late 1960's. The club maintained more members and revenue than any other organization (including any fraternity or sorority) until the renovation of Fike Recreation Center began in 2001. During the renovation all the equipment was moved and membership plummeted. The Clemson Weight Club was almost nonexistent on the Clemson campus during this time. However, three motivated Clemson students restarted the club in fall of 2003. Now, the Clemson University Weight Club operates its own private facilities below the pool deck of Fike Recreation Center. The gym is known as the Dungeon for its location and overall atmosphere.

The Clemson Weight Club has been home to professional athletes, famous actors, and other professionals throughout the world. Some of the men and women who trained in The Dungeon describe it as "the best lifting atmosphere anywhere."

The Clemson Weight Club also maintains a close link to the powerlifting and Clemson community. Every fall a USAPL regional meet is conducted by locals in the community and the Clemson University Weight Club.


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