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WSBF 88.1 FM Clemson) and former senior staff of The Tiger newspaper decided early in 2003 to form Clemson for Peace. This student and community group's mission was to promote peaceful solutions to the Iraq Crisis (a somewhat unpopular and often unspoken proposal at the time)and ultimately promote free speech and peace in general.

The group with the aid of a host of volunteers, WSBF, community clergy/ministers, and Professor Todd May held two rallies. One rally took place just prior to the outbreak of war, and one shortly after the war had begun. Hundreds turned out at both, and both events received local and national news coverage. Clemson for Peace submitted a petition requesting the President of the United States pursue a non-military crisis resolution in Iraq and also created a panel for the Peace Quilt. It was the first time in 30 years that a major protest had occurred on the campus.

- traditional symbols of peace instilled with Tiger Pride.

Years later and with history in mind, Bryant disclosed that he hoped,"peace would never again be labeled unpatriotic by the masses, especially in a bastion for free thought such as Clemson University" and that current students might revive Clemson for Peace during wartime and tranquility.