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Dagnall Frank Folger, from Central, South Carolina, was a member of the Class of 1916, studying Electrical Engineering.

While a cadet, Folger held the ranks of First Sergeant and Captain. He was Business Manager for TAPS 1916; served on the Advisory Board, as Secretary, and President of the Y. M. C. A.; President, Junior Class; Vice-President, Junior Electricals; Treasurer, A. I. E. E.; Secretary, Chaplain, First Critic and President, [[Calhoun Literary Society; Debating Council (1915; Athletic Council (1915); Monogram Club; Manager, Gymnasium Team (1914); Vice-President, Athletic Association (1916); Literary Staff, Chronicle (1915); Clemson-Davidson Debate (1916); Superintendent, College Sunday School; Manager, Junior-Senior Banquet (1915); Chief Marshall, Commencement (1915); Chairman, Senior Ring Committee.

His Senior biography from TAPS 1916: "This is the noblest Roman of them all." To know DAG, is to love him; hence his host of friends, both boys and girls. To quench his intense thirst for knowledge, he came here, in January, 1913, and cast his lot with the "Lightning Chasers." DAG'S hobby is inventions; and some day he may startle the electricity world - by lighting Central. His chief virtue lies in his love for "Viv"acious people; and may Clemson be honored with more like him! (Page unnumbered.)

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