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The Department of Computer Science is part of the College of Engineering and Science and offers undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Computer Information Systems (CIS) and graduate degrees in Computer Science. The department's faculty, labs and many classes are housed in the McAdams Hall, located near the East Library Circle. The department chair is Dr. Pradip Srimani and chair of the graduate program is Dr. Mark Smotherman.

The department's research program in computer graphics is a well recognized one. The department's faculty conduct research in computer graphics, graph theory and algorithms, software engineering and computer networking.

There are numerous courses of repute taught by the department, including CpSc 462/CpSc 662, Database Management Systems, (which attracts clientele from within and outside the department) and Dr. Robert Geist's CpSc 822, which trains students in specialized operating systems programming, giving graduates advanced standing in the job market. Undergraduate classes such as CpSc 215 (Intro to C and Unix), CpSc 212 (Data structures), CpSc 422/CpSc 622 (Operating Systems), CpSc 360 (Network Programming) can be of use to students in Electrical or Computer Engineering majors as well.

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