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Donaldson Hall is a residence hall on the West Campus of Clemson University, and survives as the northeastern-most of five 1930s-era barracks which comprise, in part, the Greek Quad.

Completed in 1936, the building's architect was the J. E. Sirrine Company, with Clemson architecture professor Rudolph E. Lee as the consulting architect. It was initially designated as Barracks No. 6, and its eastern end faced the rear of what is now named Godfrey Hall. The barracks' rear overlooks Historic Riggs Field. A complete renovation took place in 2005, with Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas as architects.

The barracks was later named in honor of Milton Lafayette Donaldson, one of the original Life Trustees named in the will of Thomas Green Clemson, who served on the Board of Trustees from 1889 until his death in 1924.

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