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Dr. Gordon Jeff Love is an extrodinary German professor. In addition to speaking English, French, German, and Russian fluently, he is a Yale trained corporate lawyer who gave up law to teach. He is incredibly dedicated, and is best known for his awesome sense of humor. But don't let his goofy nature fool you, he has high expectations for his students. His German class is tough, but you'll learn a lot.


From the German department website

Jeff Love B.A. University of Toronto; Ph.D. Yale University Teaching: First-year German; Russian and German Literature; Modern European Literature Research Interests: 19th and 20th-century Russian prose; modern German philosophy and modernist prose; literary theory Recent Publications: "Tolstoy's Calculus of History" (Tolstoy Studies Journal, vol. XIII); "Parody as Polemos: Pushkin's 'The Shot'" (forthcoming in Canadian Slavonic Papers) Work in Progress: The Masks of Necessity in War and Peace (Book); various articles on Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, and Lermontov


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