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Biographical Information

Dr. Kelly Smith
Dr. Kelly Smith

Dr. Kelly Smith is an associate professor in the Philosophy Department. He received his M.S. in zoology (genetics) from Duke University in 1992, followed by his Ph.D. in philosophy, also from Duke, in 1994. Since then, he has pursued research on a number of interdisciplinary topics including the concept of disease in medicine, the relationship between religious faith and scientific reasoning, ethical issues surrounding the search for life on other planets, and the ethical implications of new genetic technologies. His work has been published in numerous professional journals including The Mount Sinai Journal of Medicine, Biology and Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and The Journal of the American Medical Association. He has taught a variety of courses ranging from Business Ethics to Evolution to Statistics. He is committed to the idea that the humanities and the sciences have something interesting to say to each other. (information courtesy of The Rutland Center of Ethics Personnel Page)


Interesting Tidbits

Kelly (as he is often known to his students) operates under the philosophy "Docendo Disco"- by teaching, I learn. He is also the main source of Girl Scout cookies on campus in the spring time.


Contact Information

office located somewhere in Hardin Hall
[email protected]

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