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A Recurring Earle Hall Prank

Earle Hall is the home of the Chemical Engineering department. It is located next to the Fluor Daniel Building and across the street from Hunter Chemistry Laboratory on the west side of campus.

The building is named for Samuel Broadus Earle, professor of engineering and president of Clemson Agricultural College 1919 and 1924-1925. The cornerstone for the building was laid on April 15, 1959 and the finished facility was dedicated on November 6, 1959. "Not only did the funding for the building, provided by the Olin Foundation, represent the largest grant ever received by the Clemson Agricultural College, but it was the first time in the school's history that a living person was honored by having a campus building bear his name." (Duffy, Susan, "The Conservative Caretaker: Samuel Broadus Earle, 1919 and 1924-1925", "Tradition: A History of the Presidency of Clemson University", McKale, Donald M., editor, Mercer University Press, Macon, Georgia, 1988, ISBN 0-86554-296-1, page 138.)