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East of Midnight is a late night radio show on WSBF-FM aired from 11 p.m to 1 a.m. on Monday night/Tuesday morning. It is hosted by C. Mark Sublette, who first worked at the station in the late 1970s and who has returned to Clemson for further education, and resumed his old timeslot. For two years, Sublette's co-host was Burrow T. Klown until her August departure for post-graduate school at North Dakota State University. But the partnership continues as she is now on air at KNDS-FM, Fargo-Moorehead.

East of Midnight is an historic show name dating to the early-mid 1960s and was chosen to reflect the musical trends of all eras of the college station. The show name appeared on the schedule in 1961. Any genre of music may be played on this show, in unpredictable combinations, reflecting the attempts to jam as much musical information into a two hour show as possible.

Guests are welcome to bring their music to the studio to supplement the d.j.'s collection.

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