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14 January 2012

There seems to be a faction of so-called Clemson fans who are dissatisfied with Football Coach Dabo Swinney and are pissing and moaning that he should be replaced. What is it with you people? Here is a genuinely decent man who has brought to the school the first Atlantic Coast Conference Championship in two decades allowing us to return to the Orange Bowl on the 30th anniversary of our only National Championship team. Yes, we got mauled in that game for reasons that may be hard to comprehend in the short term, but the reality is that the Tigers just enjoyed the best season in many years, and the changes that will obviously have to be made have already begun.

You pathetic whiners should be ashamed of yourselves. You have no right to claim to be "loyal" Tiger fans if the only damn thing that will make you happy is a perfect season. We have a very young team with several players of such outstanding potential that even after the Mountaineers set new bowl records against us in Miami, one on-line ranking website has already preliminarily put the the Tigers at NUMBER FIVE for the upcoming season! Print that! Tweet that!

Maybe some of y'all are too young to remember what it was like in the early and mid-1970s when the idea of Clemson receiving a post-season bowl bid was not even considered. But even in the darkest days we still managed to put 35,000 butts in the seats of Memorial Stadium for every home game regardless of the outcome. And Death Valley had a lot fewer seats in those days, too. And somehow we managed to have a grand old time of it with our fine tail-gating traditions which were already long established. And we had our miracles then, too. Recall that in 1976 we had only managed to beat the Citadel and Virginia and faced off against the Gamecocks with a 2-6-2 overall record, but the Tigers still managed to whip the Chickens, 28-9. It was almost enough to save Coach Jimmy "Red" Parker's job. But he had laid such a fine foundation in recruiting that the next year Charlie Pell was able to take the team to 8-3-1 and a second place ACC finish.

We gave the previous coach nine years to NOT bring home the bacon before he was shown the door, probably about three more years than he deserved, but now after only two full seasons in the driver's seat, Coach Swinney has brought the ACC trophy home to Tiger Town. And yet, some of you are acting like a bunch of three year olds who haven't had your nap. Grow up! Act like you have some pride in your team's achievements this season and some faith in your coach! If you don't stand by your team when things don't go immediately your way then you have no right to claim to be true Tigers. The football program is on an ascendant plan and we will prevail in the long run. But in the meantime you impatient phools need to go sit in the corner until you get over your tantrum.

Mark Sublette
Tiger Band 1974-1980
Alumni Band 1983-current
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